Who Said White Is Monotonous? Discover These!

White is probably the most used color in your home. Thanks to its support, this can easily be combined with any existing color. Plus, rooms look brighter, more airy, and clean. However, it has been found that some people refuse to use white paint as it causes feelings of unease, flatness and boredom. Well, who says? In fact, did you know that white can make you stronger and more beautiful if you know how to use it? Let’s first consider the app example below!

Dominate white with a luxurious accent

A house in monotonous white colors can turn into a luxury with a slight accent. As you can see from the image above, almost all of the content is free. It starts with the walls, window, table, chairs, and light. Very monotonous, right?

Well, the way to make it look luxurious is to hang a chandelier (chandelier) and a large mirror. Choose a mirror with a gold frame with simple carvings.

A mixture of white and black will make it more classic

There is nothing more classic than a mixture of white and black in a room. The combination of these two colors will not make the room monotonous. It will be very beautiful even without a lot of decoration. A nice photo and a little greenery should do the trick. But it would be better if this room had a window to let in the sun. To add fabric, remember to choose the same color without patterns so as not to affect the look of the room.

White kitchen with blue accents

As we mentioned earlier, white can be combined with any color, including blue. You don’t need to paint some walls blue, just use a few accents. For example, rugs, foam chairs and flowers. This small amount of blue color can make a white kitchen look monotonous. In fact, it’s interesting because the kitchen looks colorless.

Use lighting

What if you wanted a room where all white dominates? You can use the lighting to give a different feel. For example, use the chandelier on a stainless steel pole to create a unique shadow on the ceiling of the room. You can specify angles and lengths using the light stand near the minimalist chair. If you have decorative walls such as sculptures or paintings, use indirect lighting to give a very cozy feel. The same goes when you want to use cool or warm lighting.

A mix of white and yellow colors for a semi-rustic style bedroom

The white color which goes well with the minimalist and modern style of the room can also be used in the rustic style room like the brown color of the wood. The result is a room in a semi-rustic style. The highlight of this room is, of course, a chandelier and a wooden table. Add a yellow sofa so you don’t get bored. This room is also attractive and makes people feel at home for a long time.

Natural white interior

White can also be associated with natural tones. Add greenery to wood furniture and pots in rooms. To eliminate the monotony, change the design of the ceiling in the room or add texture.

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