What is Cantilever? Explore 7 Pros and Cons and Home Design Examples

The overhang is an unhealthy building element. It only hangs at one end and the other end is free without support. The word cantilever itself may not be familiar to some people, or they may have just heard of it. But if you look at examples of real estate development, you who live in a big city will see the potential for real estate development. Basically, this method carries the load at one end of the house and carries the load at the other end. The upper half of the beam thickness is in tension and the lower half compression. The application of this method has also entered into the construction of buildings such as houses. In the past, this method was mainly used for machine building.

The cantilever is a design of a house with a base, giving it an impression. Here is an example for home use.

What is a Cantilever?

So what is the cantilever? The cantilever is a home design that makes a big impression. The list is very interesting and unique. Because he built a house with an unsupported corner as if floating. Its application is in the construction of structural elements in the form of plates or beams that protrude and stick at one end. Cantilever beams have been widely used to design bridge structures. However, as the world of architects conceived, this approach was first used for housing.

Advantages of Cantilever In House Building

This method has been introduced in homes. Here are the benefits of using this method:

Unique looking house

In this way, the house gives a special feeling. Hanging pictures give the impression of floating, pleasing to the eye.

Creating a Broad Impression

Empty space is not used as a base to provide a wider perspective and can be reused.

Reduce construction costs

It is commercial in terms of construction because it is a construction that has only one foundation.

Disadvantages of Cantilever in House Building

In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages to using this special procedure. Here is the list.

Can’t Be Careless, Must Be Designed By Experts

You will also need to hire a professional to perform this procedure at home or elsewhere. In other words, it cannot be done arbitrarily.

Cost of Experts and Expensive Materials

Unfortunately, the cost of professionals to use it is very high. Indeed, whatever the luxury, it must be a good product that is light but strong and durable.

Calculations Must Be Accurate

For this reason, material and design calculations must be accurate. This requires experts in the process.

Foundations Must Be Sturdy

The foundation must be solid. This can improve in terms of data and accuracy. Examples of cantilever designs for house construction. Don’t be confused, it’s a form of agreement with this model used in a house. Who knows if you want to apply it at home?

Application of cantilever beams on the balcony

Use a cantilever beam in front of the balcony to leave space below. Looks like the balcony is floating?

Application of cantilever beams in swimming pools

This method can also be used in swimming pools as shown. Most like an infinite lake.

Application of cantilever beams on construction stairs

Well, if you have a two- or three-story house, you can use this method on the stairs. What happened Isn’t that awesome enough?

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