What Are Trendy Christmas Colors for 2021?

What color will Christmas be this year? Are we going to get rid of the classic red-green-white trio? We bring you the special colors of this Christmas 2021 celebration.

Crimson red for warm Christmas 2021

Red marks the Christmas holidays, and it’s Santa’s fault for having it so close. But this year, Christmas red is a subtle carmine red, sometimes paired with burgundy or terracotta. Deep and intense organic red … In short, the 2021 Christmas Red is very fleshy. It will enhance your plant decorations, decorative wreaths or fir branches.

Natural colors for Christmas 2021

Combined with the beautiful carmine pink, this year the Christmas tree and the festive table draw your favorite colors in a very natural palette. Of course there is the sought-after fir green, but there is also the olive green, the khaki green which oscillates between green and gray, with a palette of warm brown, intense ocher or even bright and cozy beige. Orange tones can also be a memorable feast for seasonal clementines and other citrus fruits. Raw materials (wood, brass, detergent, etc.) and soft (wool, artificial fur, etc.)

Christmas Champagne Flowers 2021

This year, champagne is not flowing on the menu … One of the essential colors of Christmas 2021 is the beautiful beige which goes well with champagne. Bright beige decorated with a soft but subtle touch! Add gold here and there and light a few candles to add depth to the champagne Christmas decoration.

Off-white for Christmas 2021

If you don’t know if it’s going to snow for Christmas, why not choose a nice Christmas decoration? Timeless white is a popular home decor color this year around Christmas. It will stand out beautifully in the green forest of your Christmas tree. Choose the overall look for a very minimalist look. But be careful in the middle of the white. Do not hesitate to use the kit. Then, it will bring dynamism and warmth. Connect gold or silver to a more refined version. To have a better heart, we will give free Christmas gifts with trees or glass.

Polar Blue 2021 for a Merry Christmas

Arctic hats for three years! Reminiscent of the country of Santa Claus with a frosty landscape and delicate snowflakes. Combine white, gray, gold, silver or Christmas tree decorations for a little warmth and play Scandinavian decor cards.

We can also take a look at the more stressful Christmas 2021 decorations: turquoise blue is considered the kitsch card associated with navy blue or other colors resembling pink that will harmonize with gold.

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