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To view the television panel in the bedroom as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, you need to choose the right device according to the size of the room and the required function, and know at what height to hang the mounted TV on the wall in the bedroom.

The question of whether a television in the bedroom is necessary has no definite answer. This device is necessary for those who like TV shows and movies and prefer to watch them lying on their bed.

For those who prefer movies on a laptop or PC monitor, such a technique in the bedroom is not necessary. For people with sleep disturbances, the TV will be overkill, as a flickering screen will be an extra obstacle to falling asleep.
Install a television screen in the bedroom should only if the person knows how to limit the time he spends watching programs.

In this case, this technique will bring minimal losses. It should borne in mind that watching movies in the twilight or darkness is not recommend, as the eyes get a significant burden.
Also, when choosing a television receiver, you need to consider the size of the room. A large screen will make an already small room even smaller.

How high is the TV in the bedroom (based on position)

If sitting, it is necessary to place the device at the eye level of the viewer, in this case the center of the television screen will be at a height of 1.2 – 1.4 m from the floor.

In the case that watching movies and TV shows will be in a reclining position, you need to lie on your back, close your eyes, and then open them and look at the opposite wall. At the point where the eye falls, there should be a center panel of the television screen. At the same time, one should not forget about the following rule: the view is perpendicular to the axis of the human body. Only in this case, the vision will comfortable as possible, the eyes will not tired, and the neck and spine under stress. To avoid hanging wires and cables, the sockets under the TV screen should hidden behind them.

To accurately calculate, the center of the television screen is located at a distance from the floor, equal to the height of the bed plus half the height of a person.

So, for example, if the height of the bed is 50 cm and the height of a person is 180 cm, then the center of the television panel is located at a distance of 140 cm from the floor. Behind the device itself, you need to place several outlets for the TV on the wall. If the mounted TV on a bracket, the user must know the distance from the floor to the bottom of the television to hang it properly on the bedroom wall. To calculate this value, you must subtract half the height of the TV from the distance from the center of the screen to the floor.

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Room and screen size

When buying a mounted TV receiver, you need to choose the screen size according to the dimensions of the bedroom. The large screen size at short distances carries a heavy burden on the eyes, and the small one does not provide pleasure while viewing. It should borne in mind that the distance to the screen should equal to two or three diagonals of the TV and guided by this rule when choosing a technique.

How to choose a TV for the bedroom

When choosing a mounted TV for the bedroom, in addition to the diagonal, you need to take into account other important parameters.

Among them:

  • satellite, digital, cable TV connections;
  • the ability to use a game console, home theatre, DVD player or other device;
  • connecting a flash drive or hard drive;
  • presence of Smart TV function.

You also need to take into account parameters such as viewing angles if the television receiver is not placed at eye level, but high on the wall. At the same time, it is recommend to choose an inclined stand to adjust the position of the screen and choose the most optimal for watching TV.

TV wall decoration

If you include a TV in the interior of the bedroom, you need to consider the design of the wall design. Usually this part stands out from the rest of the room and with the right design is able to decorate the room brightly.

To decorate the walls with a TV, you can use the following interesting techniques:

  1. Choose decor elements that contrast with the main design. This can be photo wallpaper, covers with stone or plaster, wood panels, etc.
  2. Make the television panel framing with trim or molding, according to the style of the room.
  3. If the room made in a classic or minimalist style, the walls for the television set and other equipment cannot allocate at all. All devices placed on a blank wall.
  4. Under the TV screen, you can place a bedside table or table. If the distance from the floor to the TV is large, you can install cabinets or drawers.
  5. The device can not hung, but placed on a pedestal. In this case, there is no need to hide the cable in the wall or install an outlet directly behind the TV.
  6. For the bedroom, you can purchase a sliding wardrobe with a niche for a television receiver.
  7. If the room is large, the equipment can harmoniously integrated into the shelves.
  8. Television screens disguised as images by making appropriate designs.
  9. For small bedrooms, the TV hung on the wardrobe door or built-in.


When buying a TV for the bedroom, it is important to know how to choose the right screen diagonal so as not to feel uncomfortable watching videos on a very large or, conversely, too small screen.

When choosing a location for mounting the device, you need to determine whether lying down or sitting will seen and, accordingly, hang it at eye level or attach it high from the floor to a special bracket with an adjustable tilt angle. If desired, the wall with the TV beautifully designed to stand out from the general style of the room.

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