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5 Failproof Studio Apartment Layout

Arranging your furniture is difficult enough when it isn’t all crammed into a single room. But here you are, in your tiny one-room apartment, kindly referred to as a “studio,” and all that stuff has to go somewhere. Don’t lose heart! And learn from these real-life studio apartment layout designed by real-life studio apartment dwellers like you.

Create Separate Areas with a Storage Piece

A side floating shelves next to the bed creates a bit of separation between the living and sleeping areas while also providing extra storage in a 204-square-foot apartment. Try to put choose a single comfy chair instead of a couch, which is ideal for a one-person apartment.

Separate your two main pieces

Putting the sofa and bed against opposite walls, or place a multipurpose divider like TV cabinet. This helps to define the two spaces and eliminates the hotel-room feeling of sitting on a sofa right next to the head of your bed. It also leaves room at the foot of the bed for a small work area.

Create Your Own “Private” Sleeping Area

If you have a studio apartment but are tired of staring at your bed all day, take a cue from deRaismes’ 312 square foot DC studio. On one side of the room, a bookcase serves as a legitimate bedroom, complete with a room divider. The transition between the living room and the kitchen is defined by a sofa with a console table behind it. It’s a great idea for a small space because the console can also serve as extra kitchen storage and countertop space when needed.

Choose a Sleeping Spot

Create a cozy bedroom nook in a 490 square foot apartment by positioning the bed in a corner and placing a bookcase at the foot of the bed. This leaves plenty of room for her living/dining area, which is actually quite large — proof that it is possible to have it all in one room.

Limited color scheme

What is the relationship between color scheme and layout? It is more important than you may believe. Overly complicated schemes have a tendency to make small apartments feel choppy or too busy. Instead of focusing on just one color, choose two or three and incorporate them throughout the entire apartment. This helps to tie your entire studio together in a way that the eye can easily process. It also makes the overall design feel more cohesive. As always, the 60-30-10 color rule should be followed. When working with such small square footage, we recommend that your dominant shade (60%) be a neutral color to open up the space as much as possible. Then, for your secondary color, choose a mid-tone (30%), and for your accent color, use pops of something bolder (10%).

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6 Comfortable Balcony Ideas that are Cozy and Fun to Relax

Comfortable balcony design inspiration to imitate

Is it important to have a comfortable balcony? The answer is of course important because this area can be a fun place for you to spend quality time with your partner, family, friends, or yourself (me time). It’s just that, in order to be comfortable, of course the design must also support it, right?

It’s simple to make a comfortable one, create an open space that remains shady. Don’t put excessive furniture that makes your comfortable balcony not space-saving and even looks cramped.

No need to be confused about how to create a cozy one for relaxing. Just imitate one of the six comfortable balcony inspirations that we have collected below!

No need to overdo it, just a sofa and one dominant color

Making a comfortable home balcony design actually doesn’t need to be adventurous. In fact, if it’s excessive, yours can look “full” and less attractive. Try placing a pair of comfortable one-seater sofas plus the application of one dominant color to form a beautiful and minimalist design. The result is definitely more space-saving and elegant!

Shady Balcony Makes Work Feels Fun

Looking for a comfortable balcony for work? It’s easy, really! You only need to place a pair of metal chairs that are comfortable to sit on. Then, present some ornamental plants. However, don’t just place these plants in one area, but spread them to several corners so that your balcony is more shady. So, you can feel more refreshed when you work and your enthusiasm doesn’t run out quickly!

Minimalist Home Balcony that is Fun for Hanging Out

Try it, presenting only a pair of benches equipped with a coffee table in the balcony area of ​​your residence. The result is sure to instantly become a comfy place that is fun for hanging out, whether to just chat or be a place to work. To make it feel warmer, you can install a wooden fence, especially for those of you who carry a natural and beautiful residential style, such as Japandi (Japanese-Scandinavian) or tropical.

Aesthetics with a Natural Style

Do you really like the concept of a Natural-themed room? You can also present it on the balcony of your minimalist home! The nuances of Japan will appear more easily when you make a natural-style one.

Let the wall paint be cleaned with white, then just add a seat from natural materials such as rattan or wood to give a natural impression. To make it even more beautiful, place a pot containing green ornamental plants in one corner.

Choosing a chair with a natural concept is also not a mediocre one. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a chair with a unique design that makes the balcony look even more beautiful. For example, a rattan chair model with a low wooden frame that can make you feel more at home on the balcony. Not only unique, this natural Scandinavian-style chair is also comfortable to sit on thanks to the seat which tends to be wider than chairs in general.

Balcony for People Gather

Do you want the balcony of your home to be a gathering place for people, but the area is quite limited? You can work around this by presenting a letter L sofa that can accommodate more people.

This letter L sofa should indeed be ordered custom so that it is more suitable and fits a lot. However, if you don’t want to be complicated, you can also buy a ready-made L sofa by adjusting its size. In applying this design you need to be more careful. The reason is, an improper arrangement can make the area so cramped.

Swing to makes you feel more comfortable

Decorate your home balcony by placing a swing bench. This furniture not only makes it more beautiful, but it can also make you more comfortable relaxing in a cozy hanging chair.


5 Inspirations for Ivory White Interior for Timeless Beauty

Ivory white or also known as Ivory is one of the basic colors that has neutral properties. In contrast to white which gives a more modern impression, this color tends to give a more classic, old-fashioned atmosphere, and is also warmer.

Ivory white or also known as Ivory is one of the basic colors that has neutral properties. In contrast to white which gives a more modern impression, this color tends to give a more classic, old-fashioned atmosphere, and is also warmer.

Even though it is neutral, it doesn’t mean you can mix and match with all colors. To keep it harmonious and produce the right color palette, of course you have to pair in the interior with color elements and other things that match with it.

Check out the mix-and-match creations of ivory in the following interiors to get the best color palette and interior aesthetic with several application!

Classic Concept

The application of all-white color is now a trend to present a modern feel. However, if you want an elegant classic impression, the application of the entire interior color using ivory can be the answer.

With classic details, elegant classic interior decor and a touch of this white make the classic feel more alive. To get rid of the monotonous impression for those of you who get bored easily with the application of one color, you can use it with several different color tones and even give a little touch of white.

That way, your ivory interior will look more dynamic without reducing the elegant feeling.

Mix and match Ivory and Warm Natural Materials

Ivory color which has a more natural palette than white in general makes it more suitable when paired with other natural materials such as wood and natural stone.

Interior applications with ivory colors with marble and parquet floors with wood textures, for example, can give a luxurious and warm impression to your classic interior.

Ivory White Application in Modern Interior

Even though it is identical to a classic-style interior, it does not mean that the application of this kind of white only limited to classic styles. The exploration of the color is also very possible to applied to other interior styles such as modern interiors.

Mix and match the ivory white with dark contrasting accents such as black or navy, for example, which can give a monochrome image typical of modern interiors that are currently in vogue.

Combination with Refreshing Plant Decoration

If you are confused about choosing the right decoration for an ivory interior, using indoor plants can be an alternative. The neutral impression interior makes the presence of green plant decorations contrast and stand out.

The use of plant decorations framed with this white color composition will also give the room a refreshing and shady atmosphere.

Mix and Match Ivory White with Earthy-Tone Color

The safest color exploration when choosing a color palette to pair with ivory is to use earthy-tone colors. In addition to having a warm character that supports each other, the composition of these two color palettes presents harmonious shades of gradation and will certainly make the room feel more homey because of the warm atmosphere it presents.


12 Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Decoration Cool Tips You Can Try!

For K-drama lovers, of course you are no stranger to the aesthetic bedrooms owned by the Korean dramas. The rooms are beautiful and simple to look at, indeed managed to captivate audience hearts. So, if you want to get a Korean aesthetic bedroom If you want one consider the following tips.

For K-drama lovers, of course you are no stranger to the aesthetic bedrooms owned by the Korean dramas. The rooms are beautiful and simple to look at, indeed managed to captivate audience hearts. So, if you want to get a Korean aesthetic bedroom If you want one consider the following tips.

White Walls for Aesthetic Korean Bedroom

The first step to having an aesthetic Korean-style room is to paint the walls with plain white or soft light colors such as light beige. This will make the bedroom look cleaner and more spacious. Choose softer furniture and decoration colors to make it stand out more.

Day Curtains

Korean aesthetic bedroom needs simple effort to get. All you need is low bed, day curtain, white wall, some accessories, and simple patterned bedding.

The interior for a more aesthetic Korean room is to use day curtains. By using this type of curtain, you will get sunlight, which will illuminate the room naturally.

Soft Room Lighting

You can also add some lights in every corner of the room as lighting at night. However, choose lamps that emit soft light to create a comfortable atmosphere. You can buy the following lamps to give the room a more minimalist look.

Wooden Furniture for Fresher Rooms

In Korean-style room designs, generally use wooden furniture with light brown colors. Then, combine the wood furniture with white walls so that the room looks fresh and spacious.

You can use a shelf like the one below, which has a woven and rattan design so that it can give a unique impression. In addition, you can also store a lot of necessities in this shelf.

Put a Mirror to Make the Korean Bedroom More Aesthetic

Instead of nailing the mirror to the wall, let it rest against the wall! This not only makes the room look more instagrammable, but it can also reflect light and make the room more spacious.

You can choose a full body mirror for the most aesthetic look. Like the recommendation of a long mirror with an elegant design below, which can add to the aesthetic value of your room.

Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Is Not Complete Without Plants

Add plants to make the room feel more alive. In addition, plants can also add beauty and freshness to a room. You can use artificial plants, such as the one above, if you don’t want to bother caring for ornamental plants.

Simple Furniture for Elegant Room

Korean interior design has minimalist characteristics and is more concerned with function than form. Choose practical furniture with a simple design. Like this simple guest table, which can make the room look more aesthetic.

Soft Carpet for Korean Aesthetic Bedroom

Beside giving warm feeling in a cold bedroom, soft carpet could also become a statement to the bedroom. Korean aesthetic bedroom mostly include furry carpet like above to give soft and warm feeling to the room.

Add Unique Decoration

You can combine cute and unique small wall hangings. Look for decorations, such as art prints, stickers, photos, plants, or string lights to make them look elegant. However, avoid hanging too many decorations and still leave a little space on the wall to keep it aesthetic.

Well, one of the decorating recommendations that you can use is a wall clock, as below.

Bed Close to Window

If you look carefully, the location of the bed is usually close under the window. Well, you can position the bed near the window to make it more similar to the room in your favorite Korean drama.

Low Furniture

One of the main features of a Korean-style bedroom is the low furniture. Since time immemorial, people in Korea have been accustomed to living close to the floor. For example, a low seat and a bed placed on the floor, without a high couch. Well, you can use a low bedside table to make it look more charming.


One of the hallmarks of Korean bedroom design is the bookcase, which is useful for displaying various decorations and photo frames. However, make sure you choose a bookshelf with a minimalist and simple model.