TADA: 4 Layers of Indoor Lighting You Need to Know

Interior design is the research and the art of transforming a room so that it is both aesthetic and comfortable. In other words, interior design is the art of making a room truly beautiful. Well, one of the most important things to consider when changing rooms for maximum comfort is the issue of lighting or lighting fixtures. Indoor lighting fixtures in interior design are called TADA schemes.

What is TADA for Indoor Lighting ?

TADA represents task, accent, decoration and mood. According to the Seattle Times; In order to get true lighting for your room, you should consider using 4 room lighting using the TADA approach. Below is a description of interior lighting called TADA.

“T” aka works on lighting, focusing on interior lighting

Do you write, read or cook at home? Task lighting is a way and means to support all of these activities. The table lamp can provide the highest level of illumination to support activity. Or, for example, if you want the best lighting in your bathroom, task lighting is the way to choose and use it. Instead, place a light under the kitchen cabinets where most of your work and activity takes place.

“A” aka accent lighting, even room lighting

Accent lighting is perfect for homes with high ceilings or roofs. These lights are perfect for your kitchen or dining room. For example, using a chandelier not only provides beautiful sound, but also provides lighting, lighting and lighting. Makes the air “calm” and soothing.

“D” aka decorative lighting

Many innovations and latest inventions in lighting and LED technology create creative and artistic lighting materials and designs. The lighting patterns are perfect for the living room or family room, adding focus and illumination to your artwork. Decorative lighting is a great way to add beauty and art to a room.

“A” aka ambient lighting, soothing lighting

Ambient lighting is a way to bring light from a room into a dark, quiet place. It’s like lighting a candle or turning on a lamp on your roof or ceiling. Ambient lighting can also make the room appear larger and wider. Ambient lighting is perfect for the bedroom, providing a cozy space. Add a dimmer to the perfect setting to suit your needs and desires.

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