4 Places to Put Working Desk In The Bedroom

You don’t have a home office, so a desk in your bedroom will suffice. So, how do you decide where to put the desk to create a dedicated workspace without disrupting your sleep? Continue reading to find out more. For keeping work or study and rest separate, an office space separate from the bedroom is the best option. However, there are times when you do not have enough space in your home to accommodate a desk. If you must have a desk in your bedroom, you can arrange it so that it does not disrupt your sleep schedule or tempt you to work when you should be doing something else. After all, working or studying in bed is preferable to working or studying at a desk in your bedroom.

Where to Install a Working Desk in Your Bedroom

A desk or any large piece of furniture can only be placed in a limited number of places in a single room. The size of your bedroom will determine whether or not a placement is suitable for you. Because there isn’t always another space available, you may have to place the desk in an inconvenient location.

We’ll go over each option so you can decide where to put a desk in your bedroom. We’ll also go over how to adjust your desk so that it works as well as possible.

Opposite the Bed

When you’re in bed, you can place your desk against a wall on your left or right. The desk won’t be so close that you can reach out and touch it, and it won’t be the focal point of your view across the room from the bed.

In Front of a Window

Some room layouts make it impossible to avoid placing your desk in front of or near a window. You might also prefer to face a window rather than a wall or the room. If you must place your desk in front of a window, center it rather than allowing it to block part of the view. If you are fortunate enough to have a large bay window, this would be an ideal location for a desk. In case you plan to place a desk near a window, think about window treatments like sheer curtains, venetian blinds, and shutters with adjustable slats to prevent glare on bright days, especially if the room is south-facing. Also, ensure that you can easily close the shade or curtains to avoid sun glare or distractions.

Put The Desk In Closet

To ensure that your workspace does not interfere with your relaxation time, consider how a desk can be cleverly concealed within your bedroom design. Many companies provide hidden desks that are fitted into made-to-measure closets, including designs that slide in and out.

Choosing a built-in desk solution that matches the design of your wardrobes will create a cohesive look, while having the desk close to the cupboards allows for easy access to office storage and helps to maximize productivity,’ says Rachal Hutcheson, Sharps’ national retail manager (opens in new tab). Other ways to conceal a desk in a bedroom ‘Use a foldable wall-mounted desk, or a foldable shelf that can turn into a desk,’ suggests Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective(opens in new tab). Both of these options will save you space and may provide additional storage.’

Beside the bed

It is not advisable to place a desk (representing work) next to a bed (that represents sleeping). If you must place the desk next to the bed, you can still set up your bedroom office in a way that works best for you. If you can put a barrier between the desk and your bed, it will help to distinguish the two functions of the room. A rolling or stand-alone privacy screen in a design that complements your décor can act as a barrier while also adding beauty to the room.

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