How to Mix and Match Patterns when You Can’t Choose Just One

You do not want to focus on a particular interior style? you’re not alone. One way to mix and match patterns for interior design is to gain style awareness. You might want to decorate your home with something you like. They adapt to a variety of styles. Or maybe you want to show attitude rather than consistency. However, you may not be confident enough to carefully put the two together. To solve this problem, we present the final combination and compare the different models. As you read, you will learn how to merge different designs into harmonious spaces.

Seek similar characteristics

Some models have similar characteristics. For example, Scandinavians and Bohemians shared a love for natural materials and textures. The elements of mutual respect allow you to seamlessly combine patterns to create harmony. We love how this space borrows the same from all designs to create the best quality and relationships possible. The coffee table is bohemian-inspired, while the minimalist chair is more Scandinavian-oriented. However, nice rugs and lots of greenery are the norm for both.

Mix and match dining chairs

Don’t be afraid to give it a try when shopping for a dining table at your local furniture store seems daunting. The mixed way of choosing a dining chair is a way to prepare to mix and match. If you don’t want to mess with your balance, here’s an easy trick. Simply paint another chair the same color for harmony.

Choose a color scheme

When playing in multiple modes, it’s easy to cross the line and get rewards that don’t match your expectations. To avoid this, you need to decide on the color scheme and stick to it. Repeat the operation for the collection of colors and the harmony of space. The color palette of this bedroom borrows world tones from Moroccan rugs for harmony.

Architectural details

The architectural elements of a house can be a style that can be used as a guide. These lines of lighting have a particularly well versed image in the vintage style. These beautiful kitchens are equipped with modern garden appliances and lighting. Brick walls and wooden doors provide rustic details and complement the ambiance perfectly.

Walls with wallpaper can accommodate a variety of mix and match patterns and can add texture to enhance their appearance. The kitchen has a modern corporate feel and the walls add to the elegance.


If your grandmother’s chair is a precious gift for you, consider that it can be put in your closet. If you think the colors are too old, you can redo the furniture and go back to the modern colors.

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