Fresh and Calming, Take a Peek at 3 Applications of Green in Home Interior

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Room Inspiration with a Green Color Scheme

Have you started thinking that disagree and uncomfortable in the state now? Usually, this caused the shape of the internal design that is not pretty also Shabby. In fact, the room should be the simplest way of all passengers. If you manage, you can try to change inside your home, which is green to replace the color of your home, which can try something weak. The color of Green believes that the atmosphere of the house is active and fresh. In addition, green colors also have the correct tools to be comfortable. In this article, we will share some ideas for applying green to your home interior. Without further ado, just take a peek at the inspiration below.

Green for living room

Green colors have its own qualities that are good for making the room. Just look at the inspiration for the family room above, where the entire wall surface is covered in green. Looks very homey, doesn’t it?  The green color scheme chosen is a dark green with soft nuances. If you are afraid that the room will seem dark, just add some lights with dim lighting. In addition to being brighter, the room will seem wider and warmer so you will definitely feel at home. In addition, you can also combine the green with other colors, such as terracotta or light brown to make it more lively.

Green for bedroom

Then take a relaxed bedroom that applies  green, starting from the walls to the sheets or bed covers. This bedroom inspiration combines green with light gray which is presented through a versatile partition wall, headboard, wardrobe, and carpet. The mix of two soft and beautiful color house will make you sleep better. In addition, soft green colors will not do your eyes when you wake up.

Green for dining room

The green color is also suitable to be applied in the dining room, like the inspiration above. You can use dark and slightly different green ideas to create color gradients in the dining room and space. For furniture, choose beautiful colors to match green, such as dark brown, brown chairs and dining table. Now you can add a variety of white decor to make your green dining room balance, such as vases, lighting, and paintings, as a medium. If you use this green interior design for the dining room, I think the dining room with the family will always be more memorable!

Green dominates all the walls in the room and there are also upholstered green plants adorning this bedroom. On the other hand, white colors are created by the floor, furniture and decoration, giving the illusion of a spacious room. Add green and white, the room will be the natural brilliant colors. See any inspiration in each green piece above, you can surely imagine the spirit of truth? What are you waiting for?

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