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Creating a Fabulous Easter Wreath

Easter is a wonderful time for celebration. It is a time where families gather together and celebrate the miracle of life. Easter lilies, bunnies, and eggs symbolize the power of resurrection, fertility, and life. When creating a fabulous Easter wreath, using pastel colors will ensure that the wreath blends well with other decorations. However, it isn’t Easter wreath that is adorned with bright and vivid hues.

Easter wreath will be in determining what type of material and theme you would like to use. You may want a sprig like wreath that is composed of natural vine materials, such as Grapevine or Willow.

Options to create easter wreath

If you choose a Grapevine, Willow, Straw, or Foam wreath, you can ready to be decorated. Another option is to make your own wreath out of vines that you have collected. You can also put various greenery vines from your local nursery as the basis for your wreath. When using natural vines, it is imperative to soak them before using. This also allows the vine to become soft, pliable, and easy to bend into the wreath shape. You can simply twist the natural vines into the wreath shape, then let them air dry before adding your embellishments. For wreaths that were pre purchased, you can begin creating your finished Easter wreath by adding your decorations.

About being creative is that you can use a host of materials that are available in your immediate environment. You can save decorations, Easter eggs from previous years, etc. and use them for your new Easter wreath. Here, you are in control. You decide what decorations will adorn your wreath. Make sure to use wire, ribbons, and use your hot glue gun to attach other items to the wreath. Here is a suggested listing of items that make great adornments for an Easter wreath.

  • Pastel colored ribbons
  • Small stuffed animals (bunnies, chicks, etc.)
  • Grass used for Easter baskets
  • Plastic Easter eggs (the type used for filling with candy)
  • Artificial flowers: Lilies, Baby’s Breath,

By using your natural creativity and plenty of imagination, you can create fabulous Easter wreaths.

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