Do You Want to Choose A Sofa, A Wooden Chair or an Ottoman for Your Living Room?

A living room is a public space where people can see your house in addition to the exterior of the house like a fence. Welcoming guests gives you an idea of ​​what this home looks like, from the design to the furnishings. Usually one of the pieces of furniture in the living room is a table or a coffee table, a credenza and, in addition to others, chairs. When you want to furnish your interior, especially your living room, what do you want to offer in this room? One option is usually sofa or wooden chair, but ottoman can be an option to add more decoration to your living room. There are many options for choosing any piece of furniture. But before choosing, let us know the difference between a sofa, a wooden chair and an ottoman.

The difference between sofa, wooden chair, and ottoman


Without a long description, you can get an idea of ​​what a sofa looks like in your home. You may need to understand the sofa seat with two, three and four sofas. The material very diverse starting from suede, leather or fabric and the shape of the straight or L-shaped sofa. Do not miss the colors. You already understand the color choices for your living room sofas.

Wooden chair

Besides sofas, people like to put wooden chairs in their living room. You may miss your grandparents’ house. Most old houses had wooden chairs, especially carved one. You could say that a wooden chair like this reflects the luxury of the house at the time. But for now, there is still a house with wooden chairs in the living room. Of course, it depends on the taste of the home owner.


The shape of this chair is unique, it has no backrest, and the chair is round or square and is generally used as a storage space. This chair was brought to Europe by the Ottoman Empire in Turkey in the late 18th century. Most of these poufs are combined with chairs with left and right entry points. This ottoman chair was then transformed into a chair placed in the corner of the room or in the waiting room.

What should be considered before choosing a chair, a wooden armchair or an ottoman?

When you know the difference between a sofa, a wooden chair and an ottoman, you of course get inspiration on where to place it in your living room. There are many things to consider before adding three types of chairs to your living room.

Suitable for your living room interior decoration

What interior design do you need for your living room? Scandinavian, eclectic, traditional, shabby chic, modern minimalist or whatever. The wooden chair you choose will not match the modern minimalist design you choose. Either the pouf you want does not even correspond to the design house you have chosen.

Contemplating the living room concept

What would be the idea of ​​a place for guests, a place for others and a living room? If the house is small, the living room can be used for family gatherings and for watching TV. Giving away a wooden chair can make it legal, so it’s a good idea to choose a chair for the living room.

Counting Units

Does your residential unit generally have a boundary of 10 x 10 feet or less? If space is tight, choose a small chair and use wooden chairs, the room will be crowded. The Ottoman is easy to move around, making it the seating choice for guests.

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