Cozy Bedroom Upgrade to Create A Comfortable Sanctuary in Your Home

What is it about staying in a comfortable sanctuary that allows you to sleep soundly? It’s possible to recreate the same vibe in your bedroom, whether it’s the warmth, freshly laundered sheets, or the well-curated, clutter-free décor. Here are some ideas to upgrade a cozy home bedroom into a relaxing heaven.

Improve the Bedding

The first thing to upgrade a cozy bedroom is replace old bedding. We did this for a few reasons. First, we decided it was past time to invest in some higher-quality sheets. Totally not a must-do, but we were ready to finally upgrade, and honestly, you can feel the difference in good quality sheets – there’s nothing better at the end of the day than getting into a really comfy bed. Aside from comfort and quality, you can experiment with a lighter and brighter solid color. Light solid neutrals, in our opinion, are more peaceful and calming, making the space feel more relaxing.

Lighting can help to create atmosphere

A cozy bedroom requires light, but not just any light. “There is nothing worse than a harsh ceiling downlight shining on you in bed,”. After dark, turn off the overhead light and focus on low light. The key to creating an intimate atmosphere is to use a variety of lighting sources, such as soft bedside lamps and strategically placed ceiling lights for a touch of drama. Of course, natural light will always be the best light source of all.

Consider a Tufted Headboard

Any plush headboard will undoubtedly add a cozy vibe to your sleeping space, but there’s something about an elegant tufted headboard that really ups the cozy factor. For an ultra-luxurious look, consider covering your headboard in an opulent fabric such as velvet.

Select a Calming Color Scheme

Choosing the right paint color is important in every room of the house, but color is especially important in the bedroom. We believe that a neutral color palette promotes a calm, serene state of mind, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the bedroom.

The neutral palette extends beyond the walls to create a peaceful space where guests can escape the chaos of daily life. To achieve the look at home, avoid using red sheets and instead use soft shades of blue or white.

Incorporate Live Plants

When it comes to displaying your prized houseplants, don’t overlook the bedroom. They not only instantly increase the coziness factor, but they also purify the air for better sleep.

Furniture should be strategically placed

Don’t undervalue the significance of furniture placement. To create a cozy, intimate atmosphere in this moody bedroom, a comfy chair placed near the window, at the corner. A fireplace in front the bed and big plant beside doesn’t hurt either.

Electronics should be hidden

Sometimes watching your favorite show from bed is the most comfortable option, but visible electronics in the bedroom are the polar opposite of cozy. Put them in a thrifted armoire to keep them out of sight.

Personalize the Bedroom

Finally, the best cozy bedroom ideas are those that allow you to express yourself. Hang some of your most sentimental photos in frames on the walls, or look for artwork with your favorite images or phrases. The more personal you make the bedroom, the cozier it will be regardless of the season.

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