Cook Elegantly with 8 Black Marble Kitchen Application

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms. Therefore, the kitchen design must created as good as possible and use strong materials . Well, to make it happen, black marble could be the right choice. Black marble material used as island and backsplash. Not only strong, cooking activities also feel more elegant with black marble. Then, what is the application of black marble like in the kitchen?

Black Marble Applications in the Black and White Concept Kitchen

The kitchen with black and white ideas is still popular. In the application above, the black marble used for a compact island. It is an image and the entire surface covered with black marble. The position is in the middle of all the white rooms and become the center of interest. The sleek and bright exterior makes the kitchen look cleaner and more spacious. It makes cooking easier.

Black Marble for All-Black Kitchen

If you want to look elegant with a little mysterious touch, try using black marble for an all black kitchen design. The functional furniture of this kitchen model is black with some gold and brown accents. The surface of the dining table also polished, which is nice for the golden sheen and gives a very luxurious feel. The stool of this design is in a light brown color that goes well with the overall look.

Kitchen Island and Black Marble Backsplash

Most people use black marble as a big piece for their backsplash design. However, the application of black marble here is so unique that the black marble cut into small squares and placed correctly. The natural patterns are abstract in black marble, which makes it look cool and more elegant. Would you dare to try this black marble pattern?

Black Marble for Kitchen Floor

Don’t like using black marble for your countertops or backsplash? Remember that black marble can used on the floor tiles. To use black rocks on the floor, you can choose a modular pattern or you can show your eyes to make sure you will not cluttered. Do not take shoes with angle as a sharp eye like the ankle. In addition, the excess black soil carrying the larger piece of furniture and a long furniture.

Black Marble Kitchen Island and Backsplash

There is also black marble used for the kitchen island and the backsplash. The island kitchen uses large marble, so you can enjoy the beautiful pattern. Meanwhile, the backsplash uses black marble in small pieces arranged in a herringbone pattern. dangerous. The kitchen counters in this model use glossy materials to mirror the dark marble undertones of the backsplash.

Black Marble in an Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Model

The idea of ​​a valid minimalist address is the same as using suitable furniture. It looks like business, but the minimalist idea doesn’t look elegant, does it? You can combine the idea of ​​minimalism with black marble in design. Black marble is used on the side of the island and cabinet doors for a minimalist design. It can be combined with gold leaf and green plants for a better look.

Black Marble Countertop for Classic Kitchen

The classic kitchen is usually warm, which gives it a beautiful interior. The table is black marble and white tie. The furniture is a dark gray color that looks like a relationship. These words with black materials are already a pleasure and a charm, so it is not necessary to decorate it. You can also use the black marble table as a beautiful shape as a photo.

Efficient Kitchen Design with Elegant Black Marble Look

Of course, like a preferred food, you have a variety of dishes and cooking to always look elegantly. This kitchen model can therefore be inspired. My elegant thanks to the kitchen using the black marble holster. The size is big enough to make the counter on the floor. Is it still enough? The rest of the long walls of the wall of the kitchen wall and the land hanging on the kitchen of the island.

Where is the best after seeing the kitchen models that supplies eight ways is inspired you?

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