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6 Models of Kitchen Under The Stairs, A Solution for Small House

There are many ways to make a small home comfortable. Among them, the use of mirrors to see the width, the use of multifunctional furniture, the connection of two rooms in one place, the creation of a kitchen under the stairs. The bottom of the stairs can be a precious place. For example, more and more people are turning it into a kitchen under the stairs. The kitchen under the stairs may ask you the question. How to cook for free under the stairs? Instead of thinking about the distance, we want to take a look at some of the kitchen designs under the stairs for a small house!

Kitchen downstairs with open shelves

In the downstairs kitchen, the empty space served as a storage cupboard. If you want to look good, of course, the shelves need to be covered. However, if your home is very cramped, it’s a good idea to leave the kitchen under an open staircase to see the wide openings. It is a container that can hold a variety of tableware such as bowls and glasses, as well as a thermos flask that is not used often. Basement kitchens often require a dishwasher to allow easy cooking without the distraction of smoke in the room due to the low temperature.

Minimalist kitchen downstairs

The minimalist, all-white kitchen on the ground floor is perfect for a small family. It is simple in shape, but large enough to hold a coffee machine and a small washing machine. The top and bottom can be used as shelves to store supplies. The outdoor space can be used to store snacks.

The kitchen on the ground floor adjoins the dining room

The stairs are usually located on the edge of the house near the wall, and the shape of the kitchen under the stairs usually follows the angle. The downstairs kitchen has a space in the middle. In order to avoid any inconvenience, you can set the table. Also use the space under the stairs as a storage space for utensils and household items.

Bar or kitchen downstairs

For those who like a drink, you can create a mini bar with drinking water stored in the kitchen under the stairs. The dining room under the stairs is equipped with a small washing machine. Meanwhile, downstairs you can make a special hanger for drinking and put the cupboard in the kitchen. To complete the mini bar of your dreams, simply add a bar stool.

Kitchen under open staircase

There are many ways to make a small home comfortable. There are many ways to make a small home comfortable. Among them, the use of mirrors to see the width, the use of multifunctional furniture, the connection of two rooms in one place, the creation of a kitchen under the stairs. The bottom of the stairs can be a precious place. For example, more and more people are turning it into a shelf under the stairs. The kitchen under the stairs may ask you the question. How to cook for free under the stairs? Instead of thinking about the distance, we want to take a look at some of the kitchen designs under the stairs for some back home inspiration!

Kitchen downstairs to receive guests

When the guests arrive, of course, as the host you have to prepare drinks or snacks. The kitchen on the ground floor is close to the living room and can be used directly for the reception. There was no stove in the downstairs kitchen, only a sink, a glass sink, and a can of soda.

6 Prediction of Kitchen Decorating Trends in 2022

While COVID-19 was prevalent, the kitchen was the most frequented place in the house. Because homework encouraged, we often cook more than usual. There are many kitchen decorating that interior designers predict will be trends in 2022. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, you can do it according to the decorating ideas in the song. Here are some kitchen decorating tips for 2022 that will be very popular with homeowners, according to interior designers:

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2022 : Hint of Color

Color is making a comeback in the kitchen, according to Emily June Designs’ Emily Spanos. “Since the broadcast, many of us have spent more time in the kitchen than ever before and are passionate about making this place more personal,” said Spanos. He added that the house has become our refuge and our inspiration. It also allows people to have more fun with kitchen design for the coming year. “The bold, contrasting color palette allows us to weave charm and personality into the room. With a variety of finishes, such as matte and gloss finishes, which we look forward to using,” said Spanos.

Natural Light

David Thompson of the Design Association said: “A large window with shelves or additional lighting on the cabinets or the fireplace will be different in 2022.” “The idea is to welcome the good weather and let the sun shine on a variety of materials, wood, marble, glazed tiles and a wave of brushes, “he added.

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2022 :Pet-friendly kitchen

“During COVID-19, more people than just got the pet,” interior designer Carol Kurth said. The kitchen is always pre-installed and you can pay attention to areas you don’t pay attention to. For example, under the sink or under the sink.

Natural Materials

Daniel Bowler, Director of Eggersmann UK, said: “As we all spend more time indoors, natural materials such as wood have become very popular, creating a new passion for the forest in outdoors. ” It combines perfectly with other materials such as metal and stone to create a light, bright, airy space and gives you everything you need to color and characterize through a clean white fabric.”

Storage space

Andy Briggs, Interior Designer at Optiplan Kitchens, said: “Preservation has always been important and has grown in importance as the kitchen takes on many household responsibilities. Upgrade to a wicker basket which adds a nice touch and works well. The cheapest way to organize all your groceries in your kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Green shades

Since many color palettes have chosen green as the color of the year for 2022, George Forsyth, CEO of Drew Forsyth & Co Green, sees it as a highlight in the kitchen for the coming year. “It’s a shade that embodies regeneration, rejuvenation and energy, so it’s no surprise that owners aren’t using it now,” he said.

7 Small Island Kitchen Table Options for Those of You Who Love to Cook

The kitchen island itself is one of the components of the kitchen in the form of a large multifunctional table which is usually located in the middle of the room. Often equipped with several chairs around it. The chairs used are usually bar stools. Although at first glance it looks like a dining table, its function not specifically intended as a dining table. Also, used as a table to facilitate the cooking process. For instance, cutting food ingredients, preparing spices, and mixing food ingredients.

Minimalist Kitchen Island Design

For those who like clean and comfortable kitchens, the minimalist island kitchen design is perfect for you. Cooking activities become more fun if you have a clean kitchen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Design

Although the kitchen set made of stainless steel is much more expensive, but it is interesting to use on the kitchen island .

Pastel Blue Kitchen Island Design

To make it more interesting, the kitchen island given a touch of certain colors such as a touch of pastel blue.

Rustic Kitchen Island Design

A rustic impression can also be present on the kitchen island as long as the materials used are natural stone and wood so that it still looks natural.

Black and White Kitchen Island Design

If you have a house with a black and white interior design, you can also apply it to the kitchen island .

Scandinavian Kitchen Island Design

So that it doesn’t look monotonous, the kitchen island enhanced with a mix of colors. For example by using alternating colored bar stools.

Modern Kitchen Island Design

Finally, the kitchen island also suitable to applied to modern-style houses to elevate the luxury of residence. As you can see above, sometimes the kitchen island table equipped with a dishwasher, as well as cupboards and shelves to store eating and cooking utensils . Because of its multifunctional nature, the kitchen island used as a dining table and bar table. It can also used by children as a table to do school work while accompanied by mother who is cooking.

Kitchen Ideas Modern Luxury Pendant Lights Chandeliers

Pendant lightning is a single light feature dropped from the ceiling with a rod or chain. It is very versatile and it can be used in any room of your home, especially your kitchen. This kind of lightning is available in many different styles, shapes, materials, and colors. It does not only function to decorate your kitchen but it is also able to modernize or create a luxury kitchen. Whatever your kitchen décor is, there are many kitchen pendant lightning ideas that can suit your needs. The following are several most-used styles that might suit your kitchen décor.

1. Brushed nickel

Most kitchens with traditional setting use brushed nickel pendant. You can hang it on your round kitchen table or hang a series of brushed nickel type if you have a long rectangle kitchen table. For the best look and function, you should hang it about 30-40 inches above your kitchen table.

2. Silver and stainless steel

If you have a modern kitchen décor then silver or stainless steel pendant might suit your needs. Modern kitchen appliances like refrigerator and microwave often use stainless steel as the main material so hanging stainless steel type can be a good addition to your kitchen.

3. Wooden pendant

If you want to create a warm and inviting kitchen, wooden pendant can help you to realize your desire. There are many wooden types in market that you can choose either from hardwood or softwood. It is advisable to match the wooden pendant with other wooden décor in your kitchen to create a good balance.

4. Modern

The definition of modern pendant is actually very broad. There are thousands of pendants in market that can be categorized as modern type. A single blue or orange hand-blown glass pendant and an embossed glass are two most-used that you might like to use for your kitchen.

5. Tiffany

Tiffany pendant lightning is commonly made from stained glass. One thing that make this type becomes the favorite of many homeowners is that it can customized to match with various kitchen décors. Tiffany is commonly used to provide lighting for a breakfast nook and other eating areas.

6. Mini

Just like you can infer from the name, mini pendant is the smaller size of any regular pendant. There are mini Tiffany, mini modern, mini wooden pendants, etc. In recent years, mini pendant gains more popularity and it is quite easy to find kitchens with their types. Although this pendant is smaller, it still functions well to decorate your kitchen.

Tips on Kitchen Pendant Lightning

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the size of the pendant, you can choose to install with a single light or a pendant with three or more lights. These unique chandeliers also adjustable pendants that allow you to raise or lower the fixtures to suit your lightning needs.

As a conclusion, a kitchen is definitely incomplete without the presence of pendant lightning. However, although pendant is quite affordable, it is advisable that you take time to choose the right lightning for your kitchen so you can create your desired kitchen atmosphere and appearance.

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Kitchen Ideas

68 Using Patchwork Kitchen Tiles And Kitchen Friesens To Make Your Home Look Special

In recent years Patchwork kitchen tiles have become popular. They are a practical way to use your kitchen area and make it look stylish and welcoming. In this article I want to tell you about the three basic types of patchwork tiles.

Patchwork Kitchen Tiles Patterns

You might think that you can find nice patterned tiles and stick them into your wood. It is possible but they may not look very good or even look at all like they should. The pattern is only as good as the workmanship.

Today’s patterns are much more sophisticated. They involve 3-D graphics, which creates a realistic and artistic look. While not everyone has access to a computer the vast majority of us have access to the internet. And it is here that you can find a vast number of designers offering an incredible selection of patterns for every taste. All you need to do is pick out the design that best suits your home and then purchase the kit that will enable you to create the pattern yourself.

Kitchen Friesens tiles

There are even lines for creating floral patterns, some with flowers, other with patterned, gold or silver foils and other with tile backsplashes.

Kitchen Friesens also come in small gaps, which can help with pulling together small spaces. All you have to do is simply glue one corner together using a glue gun or solvent and the gaps will close up and make the area look brighter and more unified.

Kchen Flies

Kchen flies, on the other hand, come in very large pieces. To use them, you basically need to cut them into equal sections. Then, depending on the space available, attach them with adhesive. Because they are so large they can provide a great deal of artistic expression when adhered to a smooth surface.

Kitchen Corner

If you are looking for a way to transform a corner of your kitchen into a unique, yet classic, feature then consider the “Patchwork” variety of yellow patchwork tiles.On the downside, the material tends to peel and scratch quickly. Patchwork tiles and Kitchen Friesens tiles are both fantastic pieces of art to place into your home.

Natural Wood Kitchen Design

Wood material is indeed very flexible to be used as any household product. In addition to family room furniture, you can also make it into an instagrammable kitchen cabinet. Interested? Here are some inspirations for natural kitchen wood designs that you can imitate!

Because the kitchen is the heart of the house, of course you have to decorate it well so that cooking activities become more comfortable. One way to make the kitchen look more comfortable and warm is to add wood accents to this room. You can get this wood accent by storing wooden kitchen cabinets in your kitchen area. Well, here are some instagramable and warm wooden kitchen cabinet designs that you can try in your home!

Natural Wood Kitchen Design Inspiration

Combination of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets and Tile Walls

Did you know that the combination of tiles and wood makes a room look more charming? You can apply this combination to the kitchen in your dream home. Natural wood colors will look beautiful with various motifs on the tiles attached to your kitchen wall.

Simple Tidy Wood Kitchen Set Design

You can apply this design if you want a minimalist kitchen. Neat kitchen cabinets with wood accents on the drawers make this room look more elegant. You can combine this wardrobe with white in the backsplash area or kitchen wall so that the room feels neater and more beautiful.

Warm Wood Dominance Design in the Kitchen

Making a kitchen that is dominated by wood accents can also make your room look warmer. You can store wooden cabinets, wooden tables, wooden floors, and wooden walls in your home. Also add some furniture from other materials in the kitchen so that the room doesn’t look too overwhelming. One way to reduce the feeling of excessive wood in other rooms is to use a different color of wood on each piece of furniture.

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Simple Kitchen Shelf

There are many variations of wooden kitchen shelf designs in a minimalist kitchen, as in this picture, there is a simple wooden shelf. This wall shelf contains kitchen spices, tableware, and others, if you can, don’t put too many things.

Simple White Shelf

The choice of this wooden kitchen shelf can be a hanging kitchen shelf, its size is small, but it can be used to put things in the kitchen. This multipurpose kitchen rack is actually a pallet wood kitchen rack that can beautify the kitchen, especially for those who don’t have a kitchen set.

Shelves that look like closet drawers

This wooden kitchen shelf is indeed designed differently, similar to a cupboard drawer, the unique thing is that it is not only the spices that are placed here. This minimalist wooden kitchen shelf is also a place to put books or displays, not just a wooden spice rack.

Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen

This minimalist kitchen looks more beautiful with the presence of a minimalist wooden kitchen shelf, only in the corner of the kitchen. All parts of the kitchen are designed minimalist, wall shelves aka wooden shelves like this can be a simple kitchen solution.

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67 Upgrade Your Food Service Business With Innovative Kitchen Extension Ideas

The success of the Extension Project hinges on the return side extensions as well as the upgrades to your system. These options are essential to make the Kitchen Extension experience the best in the country.

Make certain that you update your processes to make sure that you are in the best position to keep up with your competition. As you know, high quality is the basis for success and the new methods of cooking have been designed for the convenience of all consumers. The dining experience can’t be understood without taking into account the return side extension as well as the upgrades to your system.

The extensions project will change your ability to provide your guests with everything they need for dining. Don’t limit yourself by only serving food that is prepared in a food service establishment. You will want to provide meals that are suitable for those who want a more casual dining experience. In order to keep up with your competition, it is vital that you update your restaurant and, of course, take advantage of the upgrades that will give you the edge.

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You can use side return extensions to add great new features to your home cooked meals. This type of technology enables you to cook up the right foods for your patrons. You can also use the kitchen extension ideas to meet the special requests of your guests as well as those of your employees.

Kitchen extension ideas are just one of the kitchen equipment options available to you. If you aren’t sure what to look for, then you should examine your current kitchen. Check for any cracks or signs of wear that may have occurred from being used for other purposes. Have your furniture professionally inspected so that you can make certain that you have properly maintained your property for your guests.

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Using Extension

There are many ways that you can enhance the dining experience when you upgrade your current system with the help of the side return extensions. You can use the kitchen extension ideas to turn your current facility into a comfort zone for you and your family. Take the time to think about how the types of food that you serve will enhance the experience of your patrons. If you are unable to put together a menu that makes your establishment stand out from the rest, then consider the new Side Return Extension Project.

When you are looking at the kitchen extension ideas, take a look at your current flooring. This is an important aspect of your property because it can not only provide comfort for your guests but it can add value to your home. Don’t be surprised if you end up replacing your current flooring. You want to get a better value for your property and the upgrades will do just that.

Looking at the kitchen extension ideas that you have available to you will ensure that you continue to have the best operations possible. You don’t want to hold back from offering the best services possible. You also don’t want to be caught flatfooted when people start complaining about the quality of your food and the seating. Take advantage of the kitchen extension ideas that you can use today and make your food and beverage business the best in your market.

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Kitchen Interior Design Ideas For a Coastal Kitchen

Coastal kitchen is modern in their style, in a way that sets them apart from other kitchens. Because of the large number of windows on each side of the room, they create an atmosphere with warmth and charm. Kitchen decor ideas for the most popular shapes and sizes are listed below. However, before planning your home interior design project, think about if you want to maintain the interior design of your current kitchen or if you want to add something new and exciting to it.

Coastal Kitchen Decoration Ideas For Cool Space

Choosing an ocean blue color for a coastal kitchen can have a different impact on you and your kitchen space. First, the kitchen space will feel brighter and wider. Dark colors will actually make the room look narrower.

Second, there will be a different atmosphere when you apply the ocean blue color in the kitchen. The feeling of cool and calm will be felt, because the blue color makes our imagination feel like looking at the clear sky and also the ocean waves that are identical to the beach.

Combine Ocean Blue with White and Brown

Meanwhile, the color combination that you can choose is the use of ocean blue with white and brown. Blue, white, and brown is a very beautiful combination. Try to apply white on your kitchen walls and ocean blue for your kitchen backsplash. You can also use white for your kitchen ceiling and kitchen floor.

Meanwhile, choose an ocean blue color to decorate your kitchen table or countertop and kitchen cabinets or your kitchen cabinet. You can also choose shades of blue for a little variation. For example, if your kitchen table uses an ocean blue color, then choose a higher or lower color level to apply to the kitchen cabinets.

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Adding More Decorative Elements

Add some other decorative elements to beautify your kitchen, such as the application of a decorative mirror on one of the kitchen walls, a sea-themed wall clock, as well as beautiful chandeliers to make the kitchen atmosphere more beautiful. The use of kitchen decoration ideas with a coastal theme is suitable to be applied to large and small home kitchens, so you don’t have to worry even though your home kitchen is small, you can still use this Coastal theme. As explained in the first paragraph, choosing an ocean blue color can help your small kitchen look wider.

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Modern Vintage Style – Interior Design Kitchen

The modern and contemporary kitchen is not the traditional vintage classic set up of the kitchen. The kitchen is not a place where you have to fit in the clutter, but rather it is the heart of your home. In order to transform your kitchen into a whole new place to be, you need to first select the colors and themes that you like and that will best suit your taste and personality.

Colors Play A Huge Role To Your Modern Vintage Kitchen Overall Look

Keep in mind that the colors in your house interior will affect the look of your kitchen. The same colors used in your living room will be different in your kitchen and vice versa. It is important to avoid matching up too many items in your kitchen since this will end up looking messy and cluttered and will make your kitchen less appealing.

Warm Colors for Modern Vintage Kitchen

The kitchen is one place in your house interior where you can use colors that will create a warm glow or highlight items that will complement one another. You can create a nice atmosphere by using a color palette that has a red and warm touch to it. There are a variety of colors that used to create this warm and inviting effect, and they include reds, oranges, blues, and greens.

Bold Colors for Modern Vintage Kitchen

You can always change up the look of your kitchen decor by using the rich colors of a more rustic or vintage style. This can create a beautiful and old world feel that is a nice departure from the more modern or contemporary style. It will give your kitchen an old-fashioned feel that will put a great deal of appeal on your home.

To create a kitchen environment that will work well with modern vintage style, you need to choose a bold color for the walls. The windows painted in a darker color such as dark brown, or tinted with various shades of red or green to give a subtle hint of warm and cozy color. It is important to find something that you like as a result of your mood, but also something that will complement the colors of your cabinets, flooring, appliances, and other pieces.

If you interested in a more contemporary approach to kitchen decorating, you can add bright and cheerful colors to your decor with an ultra modern twist to the vintage style. This will help to add more vibrancy to your kitchen with bright and bold colors to bring out the bright and clean look of the entire home and kitchen interior.

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Subdued Color Pallete

For kitchen decor, you will want to choose colors that are subdued. You can use grays, blues, and soft pinks to create a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. If you are working on a budget, you can always pick those colors that are more on the expensive side, but if you can find something affordable, you will still be able to create a kitchen that you will love, which will help you to be motivated to continue creating a more extravagant interior in your kitchen.

Neutral Color Pallete

The colors you choose for your kitchen color schemes should be neutral and easy to maintain. This will help you create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that will also keep your food looking fresh. This is the main goal in designing a kitchen and should be carefully considered when picking out items to use in your kitchen.

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Interior Design Kitchen – Open Shelves

When looking for more ways to add to your new home, consider the benefits of having Open Shelves in your Kitchen. Keep in mind these items have their own specific purpose and function, just like most Home interior design ideas. Be sure to get your search started by researching your Sweet Home and interior design kitchen.

Some people wish to add a loft or open shelf storage with the use of shelves installed, but don’t have a loft. That is why a good suggestion is to add a pair of shelving units to a warm, sunny room. Moreover, these shelves, or ladders, will help to open up the area and bring in more natural light.

As you see, by adding Open Shelves to your Kitchen, you can make a valuable addition in your home’s interior design. Keep in mind these items have their own specific purpose and function, just like most Home interior design ideas.

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Create your kitchen feel larger, using Storage Cabinets, Kitchen counters and Cabinets. Those need featured Glass Shelf Material can add dimension to your home and interior design kitchen. The new style, open shelves can also open up your home. It is possible to have Glass storage units that can placed right above the countertops.

Adding sweet home: Adding cupboards to the kitchen is also possible by utilizing shelves. Commonly called ladders or shelves, in combination with cabinets made from Corian, Oak, Laminet, or Glass. The success of this type of addition depends on the placement of your kitchen. By placing the upper shelves, which commonly known as “ladder” in a specific location, your interior design kitchen will appear bigger.

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