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5 Simple Fall Home Decor Kitchen Ideas

I enjoy spending time in my kitchen cooking and baking during the fall season. It’s a hobby of mine. When it comes to decorating for the fall season, I believe the kitchen is frequently overlooked. And, while I prefer simple, natural decorations, I enjoy adding fall touches of home decor to my kitchen.

5 Easy Fall Kitchen Decoration Ideas

When it comes to fall home decorating, I’ve always believed that we should let nature lead the way. She does an amazing job, and I love using the natural elements to provides as a starting point. Fresh or faux leaves, flowers, fall fruit (especially apples and pears! ), pumpkins (small or large! ), and, of course, tree branch clippings are some of my favorite things to use as I begin to decorate my kitchen. I’ve included a few of my favorite fall kitchen decorating ideas above.

I enjoy arranging them in vases throughout the house, varying their size and fullness, but I especially enjoy putting one in our kitchen. They always last a few weeks before being collected in a trash bag once the leaves begin to fall off the stem.

Include copper accessories in your kitchen

My copper jam pan has sparked an obsession with copper. I leave it out all year, but it’s especially lovely during the fall season. Copper adds a warm touch to any kitchen and is almost always a statement piece.

Include new fall kitchen towels and linens

Fall is also a great time to update your kitchen towels and linens to match the season. I love adding texture to my kitchen, and tea towels are a great way to make it feel more fall-like. I also enjoy displaying my fall aprons on our apron wall, and I enjoy rotating all of my favorite items to keep the house feeling new!

Design a fall centerpiece

I enjoy making a fall centerpiece, whether it’s for your kitchen island or just a spot on your kitchen countertops. In our kitchen, I keep everything in place with a cake stand. It houses my favorite pumpkin decoration, a large scale, and a vase filled with tree branch clippings. It makes such a lovely focal point in our kitchen. Do you lack a cake stand? You could also use a basket!

Decorate with Fall Garlands

Garlands don’t have to be limited to railings and fireplaces; this one looks stunning hung above the kitchen window! It adds color to this bright white kitchen in a subtle way and is a simple decor idea to execute. Finish the look by placing pumpkins around the garland. A few genuine ones should suffice!

Elegant Floral Fall Centerpiece

Make a statement with a stunning fall floral centerpiece. This look complements the wreaths and draws the eye to the center of this stunning kitchen. It’s also surrounded by miniature pumpkins, which adds to the autumn theme. If the thought of making your own fall floral arrangement makes you nervous, there are plenty of ready-made options to get the look without any DIY skills.

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Cook Elegantly with 8 Black Marble Kitchen Application

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms. Therefore, the kitchen design must created as good as possible and use strong materials . Well, to make it happen, black marble could be the right choice. Black marble material used as island and backsplash. Not only strong, cooking activities also feel more elegant with black marble. Then, what is the application of black marble like in the kitchen?

Black Marble Applications in the Black and White Concept Kitchen

The kitchen with black and white ideas is still popular. In the application above, the black marble used for a compact island. It is an image and the entire surface covered with black marble. The position is in the middle of all the white rooms and become the center of interest. The sleek and bright exterior makes the kitchen look cleaner and more spacious. It makes cooking easier.

Black Marble for All-Black Kitchen

If you want to look elegant with a little mysterious touch, try using black marble for an all black kitchen design. The functional furniture of this kitchen model is black with some gold and brown accents. The surface of the dining table also polished, which is nice for the golden sheen and gives a very luxurious feel. The stool of this design is in a light brown color that goes well with the overall look.

Kitchen Island and Black Marble Backsplash

Most people use black marble as a big piece for their backsplash design. However, the application of black marble here is so unique that the black marble cut into small squares and placed correctly. The natural patterns are abstract in black marble, which makes it look cool and more elegant. Would you dare to try this black marble pattern?

Black Marble for Kitchen Floor

Don’t like using black marble for your countertops or backsplash? Remember that black marble can used on the floor tiles. To use black rocks on the floor, you can choose a modular pattern or you can show your eyes to make sure you will not cluttered. Do not take shoes with angle as a sharp eye like the ankle. In addition, the excess black soil carrying the larger piece of furniture and a long furniture.

Black Marble Kitchen Island and Backsplash

There is also black marble used for the kitchen island and the backsplash. The island kitchen uses large marble, so you can enjoy the beautiful pattern. Meanwhile, the backsplash uses black marble in small pieces arranged in a herringbone pattern. dangerous. The kitchen counters in this model use glossy materials to mirror the dark marble undertones of the backsplash.

Black Marble in an Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Model

The idea of ​​a valid minimalist address is the same as using suitable furniture. It looks like business, but the minimalist idea doesn’t look elegant, does it? You can combine the idea of ​​minimalism with black marble in design. Black marble is used on the side of the island and cabinet doors for a minimalist design. It can be combined with gold leaf and green plants for a better look.

Black Marble Countertop for Classic Kitchen

The classic kitchen is usually warm, which gives it a beautiful interior. The table is black marble and white tie. The furniture is a dark gray color that looks like a relationship. These words with black materials are already a pleasure and a charm, so it is not necessary to decorate it. You can also use the black marble table as a beautiful shape as a photo.

Efficient Kitchen Design with Elegant Black Marble Look

Of course, like a preferred food, you have a variety of dishes and cooking to always look elegantly. This kitchen model can therefore be inspired. My elegant thanks to the kitchen using the black marble holster. The size is big enough to make the counter on the floor. Is it still enough? The rest of the long walls of the wall of the kitchen wall and the land hanging on the kitchen of the island.

Where is the best after seeing the kitchen models that supplies eight ways is inspired you?

6 Models of Kitchen Under The Stairs, A Solution for Small House

There are many ways to make a small home comfortable. Among them, the use of mirrors to see the width, the use of multifunctional furniture, the connection of two rooms in one place, the creation of a kitchen under the stairs. The bottom of the stairs can be a precious place. For example, more and more people are turning it into a kitchen under the stairs. The kitchen under the stairs may ask you the question. How to cook for free under the stairs? Instead of thinking about the distance, we want to take a look at some of the kitchen designs under the stairs for a small house!

Kitchen downstairs with open shelves

In the downstairs kitchen, the empty space served as a storage cupboard. If you want to look good, of course, the shelves need to be covered. However, if your home is very cramped, it’s a good idea to leave the kitchen under an open staircase to see the wide openings. It is a container that can hold a variety of tableware such as bowls and glasses, as well as a thermos flask that is not used often. Basement kitchens often require a dishwasher to allow easy cooking without the distraction of smoke in the room due to the low temperature.

Minimalist kitchen downstairs

The minimalist, all-white kitchen on the ground floor is perfect for a small family. It is simple in shape, but large enough to hold a coffee machine and a small washing machine. The top and bottom can be used as shelves to store supplies. The outdoor space can be used to store snacks.

The kitchen on the ground floor adjoins the dining room

The stairs are usually located on the edge of the house near the wall, and the shape of the kitchen under the stairs usually follows the angle. The downstairs kitchen has a space in the middle. In order to avoid any inconvenience, you can set the table. Also use the space under the stairs as a storage space for utensils and household items.

Bar or kitchen downstairs

For those who like a drink, you can create a mini bar with drinking water stored in the kitchen under the stairs. The dining room under the stairs is equipped with a small washing machine. Meanwhile, downstairs you can make a special hanger for drinking and put the cupboard in the kitchen. To complete the mini bar of your dreams, simply add a bar stool.

Kitchen under open staircase

There are many ways to make a small home comfortable. There are many ways to make a small home comfortable. Among them, the use of mirrors to see the width, the use of multifunctional furniture, the connection of two rooms in one place, the creation of a kitchen under the stairs. The bottom of the stairs can be a precious place. For example, more and more people are turning it into a shelf under the stairs. The kitchen under the stairs may ask you the question. How to cook for free under the stairs? Instead of thinking about the distance, we want to take a look at some of the kitchen designs under the stairs for some back home inspiration!

Kitchen downstairs to receive guests

When the guests arrive, of course, as the host you have to prepare drinks or snacks. The kitchen on the ground floor is close to the living room and can be used directly for the reception. There was no stove in the downstairs kitchen, only a sink, a glass sink, and a can of soda.

6 Prediction of Kitchen Decorating Trends in 2022

While COVID-19 was prevalent, the kitchen was the most frequented place in the house. Because homework encouraged, we often cook more than usual. There are many kitchen decorating that interior designers predict will be trends in 2022. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, you can do it according to the decorating ideas in the song. Here are some kitchen decorating tips for 2022 that will be very popular with homeowners, according to interior designers:

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2022 : Hint of Color

Color is making a comeback in the kitchen, according to Emily June Designs’ Emily Spanos. “Since the broadcast, many of us have spent more time in the kitchen than ever before and are passionate about making this place more personal,” said Spanos. He added that the house has become our refuge and our inspiration. It also allows people to have more fun with kitchen design for the coming year. “The bold, contrasting color palette allows us to weave charm and personality into the room. With a variety of finishes, such as matte and gloss finishes, which we look forward to using,” said Spanos.

Natural Light

David Thompson of the Design Association said: “A large window with shelves or additional lighting on the cabinets or the fireplace will be different in 2022.” “The idea is to welcome the good weather and let the sun shine on a variety of materials, wood, marble, glazed tiles and a wave of brushes, “he added.

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2022 :Pet-friendly kitchen

“During COVID-19, more people than just got the pet,” interior designer Carol Kurth said. The kitchen is always pre-installed and you can pay attention to areas you don’t pay attention to. For example, under the sink or under the sink.

Natural Materials

Daniel Bowler, Director of Eggersmann UK, said: “As we all spend more time indoors, natural materials such as wood have become very popular, creating a new passion for the forest in outdoors. ” It combines perfectly with other materials such as metal and stone to create a light, bright, airy space and gives you everything you need to color and characterize through a clean white fabric.”

Storage space

Andy Briggs, Interior Designer at Optiplan Kitchens, said: “Preservation has always been important and has grown in importance as the kitchen takes on many household responsibilities. Upgrade to a wicker basket which adds a nice touch and works well. The cheapest way to organize all your groceries in your kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Green shades

Since many color palettes have chosen green as the color of the year for 2022, George Forsyth, CEO of Drew Forsyth & Co Green, sees it as a highlight in the kitchen for the coming year. “It’s a shade that embodies regeneration, rejuvenation and energy, so it’s no surprise that owners aren’t using it now,” he said.

7 Small Island Kitchen Table Options for Those of You Who Love to Cook

The kitchen island itself is one of the components of the kitchen in the form of a large multifunctional table which is usually located in the middle of the room. Often equipped with several chairs around it. The chairs used are usually bar stools. Although at first glance it looks like a dining table, its function not specifically intended as a dining table. Also, used as a table to facilitate the cooking process. For instance, cutting food ingredients, preparing spices, and mixing food ingredients.

Minimalist Kitchen Island Design

For those who like clean and comfortable kitchens, the minimalist island kitchen design is perfect for you. Cooking activities become more fun if you have a clean kitchen.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Design

Although the kitchen set made of stainless steel is much more expensive, but it is interesting to use on the kitchen island .

Pastel Blue Kitchen Island Design

To make it more interesting, the kitchen island given a touch of certain colors such as a touch of pastel blue.

Rustic Kitchen Island Design

A rustic impression can also be present on the kitchen island as long as the materials used are natural stone and wood so that it still looks natural.

Black and White Kitchen Island Design

If you have a house with a black and white interior design, you can also apply it to the kitchen island .

Scandinavian Kitchen Island Design

So that it doesn’t look monotonous, the kitchen island enhanced with a mix of colors. For example by using alternating colored bar stools.

Modern Kitchen Island Design

Finally, the kitchen island also suitable to applied to modern-style houses to elevate the luxury of residence. As you can see above, sometimes the kitchen island table equipped with a dishwasher, as well as cupboards and shelves to store eating and cooking utensils . Because of its multifunctional nature, the kitchen island used as a dining table and bar table. It can also used by children as a table to do school work while accompanied by mother who is cooking.