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9 Antique Chairs to Complete Your Vintage Interior

When it comes to antique, classic and vintage interior design, the type of furniture and chairs you use is one that should not underestimated. One of them is to choose the chairs model or chairs type. In a vintage concept, antique furniture can used as decoration and indispensable in a room. Antique chairs designs have become the most popular choice for the elegant, classic, and luxurious feel that is still popular today. Also, if you love vintage interiors, antique chairs will add to the vintage interior style of your dreams. The antique-style sofa itself is a starting point in the development of furniture technology that designed and became fashionable from the 17th to the 19th century. However, it considered to have its fair value, and even today many antique-fashioned chairs designs have been developed.

Not sure which antique sofa is best for you to complete the interior design of your dream home? Browse our 9 popular antique chairs designs and find the one that best suits your home decor!

Chaise Lounge Chairs

This antique lounge chairs is an antique lounge chairs widely used in France and dating from the 18th century. This antique chairs is a Regency style reclining chairs with a backrest on one side. At first glance, this chairs looks like a minimalist chairs, doesn’t it? Large, this antique sofa can give a beautiful and elegant look to the interior of the room, especially in the classic house design. The style of this chairs is also designed in a modern style.

Bergère Chairs

The Bergère chairs is a type of antique chairs and is a popular chairs that often used to bring out a househantique heirloom. This antique chairs is a chairs with backrests and armrests. Usually these antique chairs have a unique and very large carving. The design of the antique Beguer chairs designed in France around 1725 has a unique Rococo design style.

Corner Antique Chairs for Vintage Interior

Do you feel like every corner of your room is empty? You may want an antique sofa designed to fit in any corner of your room. Antique chairs with armrests often accent wood materials and carvings. Among the design options, this antique chairs option is padded to make your chairs more comfortable. This antique chairs has been around since the 18th century and is ideal for giving your home an interior that creates a multicultural vibe. This antique sofa is perfect not only for the corner of the room, but also as a patio chairs to relax in front of the house during the holidays.

Fauteuil Chairs

At first glance, this type of antique Fauteui chairs looks like an antique pre-assembled Bergere chairs. The difference between the two types of antique chairs is that the armrests of the Fauteui chairs are elongated. This Antique Fauteui chairs with its unique carvings also made in France and around France in the 16th century precisely, one hundred years before the antique Bergère chairs. The exterior of this antique sofa is perfect for decorating the interior of your home.

Gondola Chairs

Compared with the antique-fashioned design, the new generation sofa has a simpler look without adding a lot of shapes and carvings. With a high chairs and a curved front backrest without armrests, the vintage gondola chairs design is ideal for use as a stylish and elegant dining table. This chairs, with a neoclassical design, was popular in France and dates back to the 1760s.

Hitchcock Chairs

The Hitchcock Antique Chairs is a neoclassical style antique chairs that bears some resemblance to the vintage gondola reclining chairs of the past. This chairs model also has a high chairs with backrest. Some models have support arms and some do not. The antique Hitchcock chairs has stiffer features than the stenciled designs used for the reclining chairs, including the back, seat, and leg rest. Antique chairs, which began to designed in the early 18th century, include antique chairs designs that began to mass-produced around this time.

Morris Chairs

The following antique chairs model is an antique chairs created in 1860. Morris Chairs is an antique chairs with backrest and armrests. Most antique chairs also come with smaller chairs that have backs on their legs. At first glance you can already tell that this antique design chairs is an excellent choice for a relaxing living room such as a reading room or a family room.

Slipper Chairs

The recliner is an ancient recliner that flourished in the 18th century. The reason this antique chairs gets the word sleep is because it has a very low seat, usually only 15 inches. There are elements similar to the antique Bergere chairs or the antique antique chairs, which differs from the two antique chairs in that the antique chairs-bed has no armrests at all. Compared to two antique chairs, the sleeping chairs is larger. Antique chairs often chosen as furniture for luxurious living room interiors.

Windsor Chairs

The last antique chairs we will talk about is the antique Windsor model chairs. The antique wooden chairs designed from the beginning of the 17th century has a simpler design compared to the antique antique chairs. This vintage chairs assembled from smooth wood with legs, backs and support arms. This antique sofa chairs can choose to give the living room a vintage look without being too heavy.

The classic design of various models of antique chairs is timeless. Although many modern models and different types of modern chairs designs have emerged, the antique chairs have never lost their fans.

How to Build A House from The Very Beginning

In fact, there are many houses that have beautifully design. However, many people still choose to design a house from the very beginning because the designer doesn’t have to meet their needs. Building a house from the very beginning is very easy. Especially if you have no experience. But build a house from the very beginning can be interesting and difficult because the result is more satisfying than a house designed by a developer.

Well, we’ll give you 8 ways to design a house from the very beginning to give you tips on what to plan for and what steps to take if you want to design a house from the very beginning. If you follow the right steps, it will be easier for you to realize the house of your dreams and avoid many confusing and time-consuming problems.

Find a location

There are many things to consider when choosing a home. Proximity to employment or supportive housing such as businesses, schools, and malls is a distraction for working-age families. However, for residents over 50, the calm and beauty of the place can be a major issue for the house. Land use and value-added investments need to be considered. So, when choosing a place, take into account the needs of your family and everything that contributes to the future development of the place.


If you plan to build a house from the very beginning, you must have at least 10% of the total amount you will spend. This is to anticipate the “expansion” of prices due to rising house prices over time. However, if you need more space and less money, you can build a house one step at a time with the home development idea.

Find information about building design and appliances

Once you find a place to design your home and its finances, you need to expand your home concept, but with the current home design, appliances, and construction process. With a broader perspective, you at least have more options and can develop creative ideas to meet your architectural needs.

Write short, medium and long term rules

When building a house from the very beginning, especially for young couples, a short term for a new house would be a bedroom with a supporting surface. As your family grows, your home grows. You might need a home office, or you might need a library or home library. That’s why you should think about “growing your house” and include your family improvement plan in your middle list. Just as you consider the added value of your land investment when choosing a location, you need to consider this when designing your home. In the long term, rents should be able to increase, so if you want to move out and sell your house, you can sell your house for a higher price. That is why it is important to choose a material that is effective over time and durable.

Find benchmark dream house designs

Indeed, there are many tips and tricks for the elegant and stylish design of the house. However, a dream home design is one that matches your family’s needs and wants. Each room, including the appearance of the house, should meet the needs and characteristics of each member of the family. A well-designed space in the image of the mansion and its works will create the house of your dreams.

Find an architect

Reliable architects who can help you achieve your dream home design can get it from expert recommendations or by seeking home design ideas from you. Now that search is easy because some of the top architects and interior designers in your country provide experts online.

Find a contractor

Contractors play an essential role in realizing the home of your dreams. So choose a contractor you can trust and rely on. Choose a successful entrepreneur. Conclude a detailed and clear contract on the decision of a project that does not meet the terms of the contract, information, time, cost and approval.

Learn how to manage building permit

Don’t forget to properly manage your building permit before you start creating. A construction problem can cause damage to the entire process and can lead to major breakdowns and losses. Make sure the control lines follow the rules. Don’t go back and count on help from a rogue brokers. Thus, building a house from the very beginning is no longer a headache. Plan everything you need, get ready, let the professionals work and get your dream home without major problems.

Discover 6 Window Types and Sizes That Fit Your Home

Windows plays an important role in your home. Besides acting as a blower, it is also a way for light to enter. Windows also affect the health level of the house or apartment. Not only that, but windows can also affect the aesthetic value of your home. Ideally, this is because your choice of windows will match the theme or concept of your home needs. For example, if your home has a Mediterranean concept, we think you could use European cantilever or transom windows. If you are remodeling your home, it is a good idea to consider the shape and type of windows you will be installing. It all depends on the window material in terms of size, shape and place of installation. So how many window types are there and which window is appropriate for your home? Instead of being confused, we’ll talk below!

Type of Windows

Stationary Window

A stationary or picture window is a type of window that cannot be opened. As a rule, solid windows are installed in the corner of the room. Due to their simple design, the following windows are also often seen in modern minimalist or modern homes.

Casement Window

A casement window is a type of window that can be opened by hinges on the side of the window. Hinges on both sides allow the window to open wide when fresh air is needed. Oh, the different hinges, sometimes called different. For windows that hinge at the top, they are called awning windows. On the other hand, a window that rests on the floor is called a hopper.

Awning Window

As mentioned earlier, solar windows have hinges on the top of the window, keeping the window open upwards. Overseas, the following window types are generally used in basements or rooms that do not have enough space to install windows. In minimalist style homes, awning windows are usually combined with solid windows and placed above or below the windows. Just open a small solar window when you need air.

Double-Hung Window

A double-glazed window is a window with two panes, one lower and one upper. However, the proportions are not always the same. The upper flap can be opened by sliding it. You can open the shutter lower by sliding it.

Single-Hung Window

Single Hung is similar to Double Hung. However, as the name suggests, there is only one window that can be opened with one type of hanger. In other words, the top moves or the bottom moves.

Sliding Window

As the name suggests, the following window types can be slid open: Multiple doors can trigger open. The following types can be installed in the kitchen or bedroom.

Ideal Window Size

Once you know the window types above, you may want to know the window sizes for each room. We all know that every room in a house is different. However, windows are the greatest choice for any room in the house. Instead of getting lost, take a look at the threads below.

Living Room Window

The living room window should be larger than the window in the other room. Why should it be big? Since the living room window is located in front of the house, sunlight and air can enter the house. Our idea is that your living room windows should be about 24-96 inches wide and 12-96 inches high, or you can adjust it to fit the size of the room in your home.

Window Glass Size

Don’t forget that. Yes, i.e. Windows. Not all windows have glass, but most have glass in the windows. If you want to determine the size of your window glass, you can of course adjust it to the window size of your home. However, for thicker glass, the minimum thickness is 3/32″ and for larger windows, we recommend choosing a thicker window.

Bedroom Window

The other room where you need to install windows is the bedroom. Not only will they provide access to air and light, but installing windows in your bedroom will help prevent the room from getting wet. In our opinion, the best bedroom window sizes are 36″, 48″ and 60″ or can be customized to fit your room size.

Kitchen Window

Even if you have a kitchen system that absorbs smoke and odors, your kitchen still needs a window. Indeed, windows can freshen the air in the kitchen and release smoke and odors. The best kitchen window sizes are 24 – 96 inch (61cm – 2.4m) wide – 12 – 96 inch (30.5cm – 2.4m) wide, or can be customized according to your the surface of your kitchen wall.

Bathroom Window

“Do you really need a window in your bathroom? “It’s compassion.” In fact, the bathroom is the only room without a window for more privacy, however, keep in mind that the bathroom can be wet with water all the time, so the bathroom must have Windows. 3 feet from the ground 36 small windows up to 84 inches can be installed.

These are the types of windows, as well as the ideal window size for any room in the house that we can list. Now you don’t have to wait to figure out which window type and size is best for your location. Hope you find it useful!

Wabi Sabi Japanese Interior: Finding Beauty in Imperfection

In the world of interior design, it is not impossible for designers to bring philosophies created by other countries. For example, “hygge”, a Danish design concept, expresses the comfort of a place complete with simple elements such as a cup of chocolate, a thick blanket and candles. Or “lagom” is a Swedish-style design concept that emphasizes balance and memory in everyday life. That is why, interior design using this concept is more concerned with the enveloping function in a simple way. As in Japan, the concept of “wabi sabi” is also popular. It is a concept of thought that originated in the land of Sakura from the 15th century. Like Hygge and Lagom, the popularity of wabi-sabi Japanese interior is on the rise in the world of interior design. In fact, this reputation could replace Hygge and Lagom.

What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi-sabi is a style of design from the 15th century, and deliberately designed as a “struggle” for the decorating style of the room to exhibit too much luxury and use items that were not uncommon at the time. According to Wabi-sabi, the search for beauty is not necessarily in luxury, but in “simplicity”. Wabi-sabi teaches you to relate to the situation and enjoy a simple life.

The most important thing in Wabi-Sabi is to be aware of the differences in all attitudes and always try to be realistic in all aspects of each person’s life. Like Hygge and Lagom, wabi-sabi is actually closer to living principles than interior design. It’s not always about hoping for something better and not being grateful for what you have, it’s about learning to accept what they have. One thing is certain: taking the idea of ​​wabi-sabi further and applying it to the design and decoration of your home is well worth the effort.

5 Steps to Implementing the Wabi-Sabi Philosophy at Home

As a concept shape, wabi-sabi can be seen as a solution and not easy to use for interior decoration. So to help you out, we’ve put together some simple tips and tricks on how to use wasabi for your home.

Add artisan and homemade elements

Wabi-sabi pays attention and focuses on the truth of each place, and nothing is more authentic than the craftsmanship and genius of the piece. A vase you can make for a holiday gift, craft decoration, or local utensil decoration is all about the warmth and character of the room. So, how to spend your time at home to embark on a DIY project?

Make sure your house is not messy

One of the wabi-sabi ways is to respect evil, but that doesn’t mean your house cluttered. The function of the wabi-sabi concept is to keep the house clean and safe. If you like minimalist elegance, this is half the concept of wabi-sabi. Yes, half. Because wabi-sabi is not just about simplicity, but about having a purpose that brings peace to every room in the house.

Carry outdoor items indoors

Natural elements are the main building blocks of the wabi-sabi concept. The peace or kindness that usually comes from natural elements is an essential part of the wabi-sabi concept. Also, according to the wabi-sabi principle of imperfection, all kinds of “damage” in plants, trees, and rocks can lead to memory loss. remember that beauty seen through the negative. To get that wonderful vibe, decorate your bedroom with wooden furniture, fresh flowers, and your favorite indoor plants. If you are not good at agriculture, you can choose succulents because they are easy to maintain.

Different room different interior? Does not matter!

Not everything needs to be viewed in sync. In fact, when the house looks like too many lines, the owner’s behavior is often empty, and he is not comfortable at home. You could say that the idea of ​​”going home” is gone. Make sure you don’t deliberately make your bedroom decor look out of place. However, if you like the material but doesn’t match the overall beauty of your home, fine. In fact, the wabi-sabi concept is that the negative is what makes a home perfect.

Less is more

The wabi-sabi sensibility is about narrowing down content by first bringing home nostalgic value, aesthetics, functionality, or a combination of the two. This does not mean, however, that this difference can be equated with minimalism. The purpose of wabi-sabi is to store essential items to make your daily routine happy. Minimalists can ditch a vase that they feel doesn’t fit into the minimalist interior design of their home. However, wabi-sabi followers love the vase and keep it.

You Want to Renovate Your House But Limited on Budget? Follow These 9 House Models!

Do you hate indoor air now? Or is the house plan outdated? Have you ever considered remodeling your home? Now is probably the best time to renovate your home. Unfortunately, these works take a lot of time and money to repair the house. But don’t make a distraction of achieving your dream home with home remodeling. With more creativity and effort, you can improve a house with less money. There are many strategies designed to renovate your dream house at an affordable price.

Renovate your House : Back to Basics

Sometimes when renovating your home, you don’t even need to think of many design ideas. You can make home improvement easier and cheaper by using or remodeling your home. You can remodel a house using the same colors as white furniture and small furniture or furniture without too much detail. It not only improves the look of your home, but also eliminates the need to renovate your future home due to its beautiful design and timeless design.

Give The Renovate House A New Color

The home ambience will generally be uncomfortable as the colors fade and begin to fade. You don’t have to do major renovations to make your home more attractive. Repaint any room where the colors don’t shine with other modern paints. Also pay attention to the color of your furniture when decorating your home. Make sure that the new colors of your walls, floors or ceilings match the colors of your existing furniture. To get the most out of it, add smaller windows or modify window panes for a better view when renovating. This lighting will enhance the new colors in your home.

Floral Pattern Gives House A New Look

When you remodel your home, you don’t have to replace all the furniture. It is enough to decorate the furniture in the living room – sofas, sofas, rugs – with a new finish. You can start playing around with designs such as using floral designs for a large family room. Floral designs can also bring a room’s interior to life as a home remodel. Discussions after the renovations will be more fun.

Enrich Material Design for House Renovate

Do you feel like your repairs are still empty? You may want to add rich visual flair to a room with a variety of accessories. You can start by creating a doorway wall or a main wall with different materials. Natural stone or masonry walls may be an option.

Floors that were started only on ceramic can be replaced and combined with plastic or parquet floors to create a more visual feel. Also consider adding accessories from your new furniture, such as carpeted floors or mirrors and mirrors in your feature walls. It is not necessary to modify all the data. Of course, you can save money to save money.

Change the lighting

If your home is dark, all you have to do is retrofit the lighting you have when remodeling your home. Chandeliers, spotlights, reading lights and light fixtures, provide lighting according to the needs and style of your room. Also, pay attention to your choice of bright colors when decorating your home, to suit the mood of the room you want. Make sure the location of the lamp is appropriate for its purpose, such as a chandelier in the center of the main room and a wall hanging or other spotlight to illuminate the decor.

Try all white

Sometimes when renovating your home, you don’t have to do too much. A simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home is to use free space in all areas to make the furniture in your home stand out. If white paint makes your room or house look white, use white Carrara marble or textured white wallpaper. This completely free upgrade is ideal for those worried about small spaces or poor lighting. Your house will look like a new house!

Go Industrial

Would you like to improve the image of your house by renovating your house? Perhaps the expansion of home appliances is one way. If you want to look business-minded, feel free to place raw materials on your home, like cement on your walls. For example, removing plaster walls and making brick walls as part of a room renovation or using concrete. As affordable as it gets, home remodeling to industry standards is a great way to show off the design of your home that makes it unique. It can be used on the wall or on the desk near the TV table.

Add plants

Sometimes home renovation is about making the house more comfortable, making home activities more enjoyable. Be sure to use and place plants when remodeling. Believe it or not, having plants or herbs in your home can be a solution that will make your home more beautiful. Plants for hockey, a variety of monsteras, a variety of cacti can be selected. In addition to placing plants in your home, take advantage of open spaces to blend in with the natural surroundings, such as the outdoor garden and indoors. Therefore, when renovating your home, make sure that the size and orientation of your windows and other openings are in place, and this size is very important.

Change up your style when decorating your home with new furniture

Of course, many home remodelers keep their home in a safe place and always follow design guidelines. So, when decorating your home, consider changing the style of the furniture or room you have. Look for information on new designs to see how you can adjust your style when decorating your home. In addition to the look, pay attention to current appliances and different colors to ensure your home is refurbished. Have you ever wondered what kind of home improvement you want for your dream home? Remember that your home renovation can be successful if you really understand the design you want. This avoids confusion for entrepreneurs at the start of the reform. When it comes to renovations, you need to do it step by step, with care and attention to detail, like getting the walls plastered right and choosing the right color for your building.

TADA: 4 Layers of Indoor Lighting You Need to Know

Interior design is the research and the art of transforming a room so that it is both aesthetic and comfortable. In other words, interior design is the art of making a room truly beautiful. Well, one of the most important things to consider when changing rooms for maximum comfort is the issue of lighting or lighting fixtures. Indoor lighting fixtures in interior design are called TADA schemes.

What is TADA for Indoor Lighting ?

TADA represents task, accent, decoration and mood. According to the Seattle Times; In order to get true lighting for your room, you should consider using 4 room lighting using the TADA approach. Below is a description of interior lighting called TADA.

“T” aka works on lighting, focusing on interior lighting

Do you write, read or cook at home? Task lighting is a way and means to support all of these activities. The table lamp can provide the highest level of illumination to support activity. Or, for example, if you want the best lighting in your bathroom, task lighting is the way to choose and use it. Instead, place a light under the kitchen cabinets where most of your work and activity takes place.

“A” aka accent lighting, even room lighting

Accent lighting is perfect for homes with high ceilings or roofs. These lights are perfect for your kitchen or dining room. For example, using a chandelier not only provides beautiful sound, but also provides lighting, lighting and lighting. Makes the air “calm” and soothing.

“D” aka decorative lighting

Many innovations and latest inventions in lighting and LED technology create creative and artistic lighting materials and designs. The lighting patterns are perfect for the living room or family room, adding focus and illumination to your artwork. Decorative lighting is a great way to add beauty and art to a room.

“A” aka ambient lighting, soothing lighting

Ambient lighting is a way to bring light from a room into a dark, quiet place. It’s like lighting a candle or turning on a lamp on your roof or ceiling. Ambient lighting can also make the room appear larger and wider. Ambient lighting is perfect for the bedroom, providing a cozy space. Add a dimmer to the perfect setting to suit your needs and desires.

Do You Want to Choose A Sofa, A Wooden Chair or an Ottoman for Your Living Room?

A living room is a public space where people can see your house in addition to the exterior of the house like a fence. Welcoming guests gives you an idea of ​​what this home looks like, from the design to the furnishings. Usually one of the pieces of furniture in the living room is a table or a coffee table, a credenza and, in addition to others, chairs. When you want to furnish your interior, especially your living room, what do you want to offer in this room? One option is usually sofa or wooden chair, but ottoman can be an option to add more decoration to your living room. There are many options for choosing any piece of furniture. But before choosing, let us know the difference between a sofa, a wooden chair and an ottoman.

The difference between sofa, wooden chair, and ottoman


Without a long description, you can get an idea of ​​what a sofa looks like in your home. You may need to understand the sofa seat with two, three and four sofas. The material very diverse starting from suede, leather or fabric and the shape of the straight or L-shaped sofa. Do not miss the colors. You already understand the color choices for your living room sofas.

Wooden chair

Besides sofas, people like to put wooden chairs in their living room. You may miss your grandparents’ house. Most old houses had wooden chairs, especially carved one. You could say that a wooden chair like this reflects the luxury of the house at the time. But for now, there is still a house with wooden chairs in the living room. Of course, it depends on the taste of the home owner.


The shape of this chair is unique, it has no backrest, and the chair is round or square and is generally used as a storage space. This chair was brought to Europe by the Ottoman Empire in Turkey in the late 18th century. Most of these poufs are combined with chairs with left and right entry points. This ottoman chair was then transformed into a chair placed in the corner of the room or in the waiting room.

What should be considered before choosing a chair, a wooden armchair or an ottoman?

When you know the difference between a sofa, a wooden chair and an ottoman, you of course get inspiration on where to place it in your living room. There are many things to consider before adding three types of chairs to your living room.

Suitable for your living room interior decoration

What interior design do you need for your living room? Scandinavian, eclectic, traditional, shabby chic, modern minimalist or whatever. The wooden chair you choose will not match the modern minimalist design you choose. Either the pouf you want does not even correspond to the design house you have chosen.

Contemplating the living room concept

What would be the idea of ​​a place for guests, a place for others and a living room? If the house is small, the living room can be used for family gatherings and for watching TV. Giving away a wooden chair can make it legal, so it’s a good idea to choose a chair for the living room.

Counting Units

Does your residential unit generally have a boundary of 10 x 10 feet or less? If space is tight, choose a small chair and use wooden chairs, the room will be crowded. The Ottoman is easy to move around, making it the seating choice for guests.

Who Said White Is Monotonous? Discover These!

White is probably the most used color in your home. Thanks to its support, this can easily be combined with any existing color. Plus, rooms look brighter, more airy, and clean. However, it has been found that some people refuse to use white paint as it causes feelings of unease, flatness and boredom. Well, who says? In fact, did you know that white can make you stronger and more beautiful if you know how to use it? Let’s first consider the app example below!

Dominate white with a luxurious accent

A house in monotonous white colors can turn into a luxury with a slight accent. As you can see from the image above, almost all of the content is free. It starts with the walls, window, table, chairs, and light. Very monotonous, right?

Well, the way to make it look luxurious is to hang a chandelier (chandelier) and a large mirror. Choose a mirror with a gold frame with simple carvings.

A mixture of white and black will make it more classic

There is nothing more classic than a mixture of white and black in a room. The combination of these two colors will not make the room monotonous. It will be very beautiful even without a lot of decoration. A nice photo and a little greenery should do the trick. But it would be better if this room had a window to let in the sun. To add fabric, remember to choose the same color without patterns so as not to affect the look of the room.

White kitchen with blue accents

As we mentioned earlier, white can be combined with any color, including blue. You don’t need to paint some walls blue, just use a few accents. For example, rugs, foam chairs and flowers. This small amount of blue color can make a white kitchen look monotonous. In fact, it’s interesting because the kitchen looks colorless.

Use lighting

What if you wanted a room where all white dominates? You can use the lighting to give a different feel. For example, use the chandelier on a stainless steel pole to create a unique shadow on the ceiling of the room. You can specify angles and lengths using the light stand near the minimalist chair. If you have decorative walls such as sculptures or paintings, use indirect lighting to give a very cozy feel. The same goes when you want to use cool or warm lighting.

A mix of white and yellow colors for a semi-rustic style bedroom

The white color which goes well with the minimalist and modern style of the room can also be used in the rustic style room like the brown color of the wood. The result is a room in a semi-rustic style. The highlight of this room is, of course, a chandelier and a wooden table. Add a yellow sofa so you don’t get bored. This room is also attractive and makes people feel at home for a long time.

Natural white interior

White can also be associated with natural tones. Add greenery to wood furniture and pots in rooms. To eliminate the monotony, change the design of the ceiling in the room or add texture.

8 Characteristics of Contemporary Design to Understand

With the development of various designs, contemporary design begins to appear. The contemporary design itself is a variation of combining different designs with a new concept called current flow. Contemporary design is a new form that breaks with traditional design standards and is not a single design boundary. With such excellent and free development, it doesn’t mean that contemporary design cannot recognized in interiors and architecture. Find out below the general features and characteristics of contemporary design that you need to know.

Maximum Lighting in Contemporary Design

The use of small windows in contemporary design often abandoned. Large windows and openings are available in a contemporary design.

Neutral and Metallic Color Selection with a Little Touch of Contrast

The use of achromatic colors such as white, black and gray is one of the hallmarks of the design. The use of these tones sometimes mixed and mixed with different colors such as red, yellow, blue and other colors to create a beautiful and elegant look.

Contemporary Design with the Use of Natural Materials

When it comes to the use of materials, natural and unfinished materials such as wood, stone and metal also often used in the design. Organic materials such as natural stone, various types of fabrics and recycled wood materials used as alternatives.

Lighter Design and Design and Start to make the Character of the Original Material as Finishing

Contemporary design eliminates the use of large furniture and prefers minimalist furniture with a lighter design. It said that the current design is more efficient than the special features of the equipment. This seen in the use of the original material of the material as part of contemporary design without any additional connections. Thus, the finished product is one of the hallmarks of contemporary design.

Openness to Contemporary Design Without Boundaries

The open concept is also an important part of contemporary design with minimal floor plans and space planning in the presence of partitions and walls. Many roles of a space are combined into one large space that often encountered in contemporary design.

Simple but Decorative Line Elements

The term generally applies to the exterior of contemporary design. As a decoration, phrase navigation used more than classic accessories.

Application of Technology That Gets More Attention to Contemporary Design

Due to the advancement of contemporary design in contemporary times, the use of technology is part of the design itself. The layout of electrical wiring, plumbing, contemporary lighting and a variety of technological applications are hallmarks of contemporary design.

Self-Expression and Breaking Out of Conventional Design Rules

As this is an evolution of the current variety of architectural design without borders, there will be elements designed in a certain style which are still present in contemporary design. A slightly classic or industrial touch is also found in contemporary designs.

These are some of the hallmarks of the contemporary development style. Take advantage of contemporary design to make your dreams come true? Congratulations on making your dream home a reality!