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Halloween Decorations Apartment for This Fall!

If you’ve ever attempted to decorate an apartment for the holidays, you know how difficult it can be at times. Having a smaller space to work with complicates things; adding decorations to an already-crammed space can make your living space appear even smaller. Fortunately, there are many Halloween apartment decorations ideas that won’t take up too much space in your home. Let’s get started!

Spooky Spider Web Wreaths

This is such a simple and enjoyable project to complete at home! Choose a bare wreath that fits your style and wrap it with faux cobwebs or spiderwebs from any craft store. Add some fake spiders for added spookiness, or simply browse the aisles of your local craft store for the perfect haunting accessories for your apartment!

Twinkle Lights

Mini light strings have become holiday decorating “must-haves.” They can liven up your Halloween decorations. You can twist these tiny light strings in among other decorations because they are so flexible. They’ll be a lively, unexpected addition to your table.

Cute Fall Decorations

Make your balcony cute if Halloween isn’t your thing. Get a bunch of pumpkins and paint them in your favorite patterns in oranges, browns, golds, blacks, and whites. Fill wooden apple crates with leaves, pumpkins, and place candles inside. Make a gold-sprayed Halloween wreath out of sticks, leaves, and whatever else you can find.

Treats and Tricks

One of the most basic Halloween apartment decorating ideas you can use this year? Dishes for display Simply take a pumpkin, skull, or other spooky-shaped dish, fill it to the brim with your favorite Halloween baked goods or other sweet recipes, and place it somewhere visible to your guests! Just be prepared for it to be empty at the end of the night; vampire fangs aren’t the only teeth that appear on Halloween to bite. Those sweet tooths will be out in full force as well!

For Spooky Atmosphere, Use Black Netting or Tulle

Drape this relatively inexpensive fabric throughout your room to add to the dark and gloomy atmosphere. When the lights are low, you’ll be surprised at how many ways this lightweight material can be used to create interesting depth and shadows.

Ghosts Balloons

Hang cheesecloth-draped balloons from the ceiling for an eerie decoration that moves as you walk around. Another Halloween decoration idea that requires no floor space in a small apartment. The unexpected movement of these ghosts may even startle you!

The Pumpkin Festival

Come on, it wouldn’t be a list of Halloween apartment decorating ideas without the ultimate Halloween symbol! When you think of Halloween—or, really, fall in general—one of the first things that comes to mind is going to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect jack-o-lantern for your porch…or, if you don’t have a porch or balcony, your table.

If you want to decorate delicately, get some mini pumpkins and pie pumpkins instead of the friendly orange giants; you can scatter these teeny fruits on your shelves, end table, coffee table, or even put a few together as part of a centerpiece on your dining table! Pumpkins are simple but versatile; you can leave them as-is, carve some grotesque grins on their faces, or paint them to reduce the amount of work and mess you have to put into the décor this year.

In any case, pumpkins are a low-cost and simple way to get your apartment into the Halloween spirit. These Halloween section kings cannot be ignored; no matter how much they are hyped up, they will never be overdone, and you must include at least one in your setup this year!

The Finishing Touches on Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas

That concludes my favorite Halloween apartment decorating ideas! Which ones will you use to give your apartment a haunted-house makeover this year? If you start now, you’ll have everything ready by the time the leaves begin to change color and the wind begins to howl outside your window… Best wishes!

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5 Simple Fall Home Decor Kitchen Ideas

I enjoy spending time in my kitchen cooking and baking during the fall season. It’s a hobby of mine. When it comes to decorating for the fall season, I believe the kitchen is frequently overlooked. And, while I prefer simple, natural decorations, I enjoy adding fall touches of home decor to my kitchen.

5 Easy Fall Kitchen Decoration Ideas

When it comes to fall home decorating, I’ve always believed that we should let nature lead the way. She does an amazing job, and I love using the natural elements to provides as a starting point. Fresh or faux leaves, flowers, fall fruit (especially apples and pears! ), pumpkins (small or large! ), and, of course, tree branch clippings are some of my favorite things to use as I begin to decorate my kitchen. I’ve included a few of my favorite fall kitchen decorating ideas above.

I enjoy arranging them in vases throughout the house, varying their size and fullness, but I especially enjoy putting one in our kitchen. They always last a few weeks before being collected in a trash bag once the leaves begin to fall off the stem.

Include copper accessories in your kitchen

My copper jam pan has sparked an obsession with copper. I leave it out all year, but it’s especially lovely during the fall season. Copper adds a warm touch to any kitchen and is almost always a statement piece.

Include new fall kitchen towels and linens

Fall is also a great time to update your kitchen towels and linens to match the season. I love adding texture to my kitchen, and tea towels are a great way to make it feel more fall-like. I also enjoy displaying my fall aprons on our apron wall, and I enjoy rotating all of my favorite items to keep the house feeling new!

Design a fall centerpiece

I enjoy making a fall centerpiece, whether it’s for your kitchen island or just a spot on your kitchen countertops. In our kitchen, I keep everything in place with a cake stand. It houses my favorite pumpkin decoration, a large scale, and a vase filled with tree branch clippings. It makes such a lovely focal point in our kitchen. Do you lack a cake stand? You could also use a basket!

Decorate with Fall Garlands

Garlands don’t have to be limited to railings and fireplaces; this one looks stunning hung above the kitchen window! It adds color to this bright white kitchen in a subtle way and is a simple decor idea to execute. Finish the look by placing pumpkins around the garland. A few genuine ones should suffice!

Elegant Floral Fall Centerpiece

Make a statement with a stunning fall floral centerpiece. This look complements the wreaths and draws the eye to the center of this stunning kitchen. It’s also surrounded by miniature pumpkins, which adds to the autumn theme. If the thought of making your own fall floral arrangement makes you nervous, there are plenty of ready-made options to get the look without any DIY skills.

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5 Inspirations for Ivory White Interior for Timeless Beauty

Ivory white or also known as Ivory is one of the basic colors that has neutral properties. In contrast to white which gives a more modern impression, this color tends to give a more classic, old-fashioned atmosphere, and is also warmer.

Ivory white or also known as Ivory is one of the basic colors that has neutral properties. In contrast to white which gives a more modern impression, this color tends to give a more classic, old-fashioned atmosphere, and is also warmer.

Even though it is neutral, it doesn’t mean you can mix and match with all colors. To keep it harmonious and produce the right color palette, of course you have to pair in the interior with color elements and other things that match with it.

Check out the mix-and-match creations of ivory in the following interiors to get the best color palette and interior aesthetic with several application!

Classic Concept

The application of all-white color is now a trend to present a modern feel. However, if you want an elegant classic impression, the application of the entire interior color using ivory can be the answer.

With classic details, elegant classic interior decor and a touch of this white make the classic feel more alive. To get rid of the monotonous impression for those of you who get bored easily with the application of one color, you can use it with several different color tones and even give a little touch of white.

That way, your ivory interior will look more dynamic without reducing the elegant feeling.

Mix and match Ivory and Warm Natural Materials

Ivory color which has a more natural palette than white in general makes it more suitable when paired with other natural materials such as wood and natural stone.

Interior applications with ivory colors with marble and parquet floors with wood textures, for example, can give a luxurious and warm impression to your classic interior.

Ivory White Application in Modern Interior

Even though it is identical to a classic-style interior, it does not mean that the application of this kind of white only limited to classic styles. The exploration of the color is also very possible to applied to other interior styles such as modern interiors.

Mix and match the ivory white with dark contrasting accents such as black or navy, for example, which can give a monochrome image typical of modern interiors that are currently in vogue.

Combination with Refreshing Plant Decoration

If you are confused about choosing the right decoration for an ivory interior, using indoor plants can be an alternative. The neutral impression interior makes the presence of green plant decorations contrast and stand out.

The use of plant decorations framed with this white color composition will also give the room a refreshing and shady atmosphere.

Mix and Match Ivory White with Earthy-Tone Color

The safest color exploration when choosing a color palette to pair with ivory is to use earthy-tone colors. In addition to having a warm character that supports each other, the composition of these two color palettes presents harmonious shades of gradation and will certainly make the room feel more homey because of the warm atmosphere it presents.


12 Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Decoration Cool Tips You Can Try!

For K-drama lovers, of course you are no stranger to the aesthetic bedrooms owned by the Korean dramas. The rooms are beautiful and simple to look at, indeed managed to captivate audience hearts. So, if you want to get a Korean aesthetic bedroom If you want one consider the following tips.

For K-drama lovers, of course you are no stranger to the aesthetic bedrooms owned by the Korean dramas. The rooms are beautiful and simple to look at, indeed managed to captivate audience hearts. So, if you want to get a Korean aesthetic bedroom If you want one consider the following tips.

White Walls for Aesthetic Korean Bedroom

The first step to having an aesthetic Korean-style room is to paint the walls with plain white or soft light colors such as light beige. This will make the bedroom look cleaner and more spacious. Choose softer furniture and decoration colors to make it stand out more.

Day Curtains

Korean aesthetic bedroom needs simple effort to get. All you need is low bed, day curtain, white wall, some accessories, and simple patterned bedding.

The interior for a more aesthetic Korean room is to use day curtains. By using this type of curtain, you will get sunlight, which will illuminate the room naturally.

Soft Room Lighting

You can also add some lights in every corner of the room as lighting at night. However, choose lamps that emit soft light to create a comfortable atmosphere. You can buy the following lamps to give the room a more minimalist look.

Wooden Furniture for Fresher Rooms

In Korean-style room designs, generally use wooden furniture with light brown colors. Then, combine the wood furniture with white walls so that the room looks fresh and spacious.

You can use a shelf like the one below, which has a woven and rattan design so that it can give a unique impression. In addition, you can also store a lot of necessities in this shelf.

Put a Mirror to Make the Korean Bedroom More Aesthetic

Instead of nailing the mirror to the wall, let it rest against the wall! This not only makes the room look more instagrammable, but it can also reflect light and make the room more spacious.

You can choose a full body mirror for the most aesthetic look. Like the recommendation of a long mirror with an elegant design below, which can add to the aesthetic value of your room.

Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Is Not Complete Without Plants

Add plants to make the room feel more alive. In addition, plants can also add beauty and freshness to a room. You can use artificial plants, such as the one above, if you don’t want to bother caring for ornamental plants.

Simple Furniture for Elegant Room

Korean interior design has minimalist characteristics and is more concerned with function than form. Choose practical furniture with a simple design. Like this simple guest table, which can make the room look more aesthetic.

Soft Carpet for Korean Aesthetic Bedroom

Beside giving warm feeling in a cold bedroom, soft carpet could also become a statement to the bedroom. Korean aesthetic bedroom mostly include furry carpet like above to give soft and warm feeling to the room.

Add Unique Decoration

You can combine cute and unique small wall hangings. Look for decorations, such as art prints, stickers, photos, plants, or string lights to make them look elegant. However, avoid hanging too many decorations and still leave a little space on the wall to keep it aesthetic.

Well, one of the decorating recommendations that you can use is a wall clock, as below.

Bed Close to Window

If you look carefully, the location of the bed is usually close under the window. Well, you can position the bed near the window to make it more similar to the room in your favorite Korean drama.

Low Furniture

One of the main features of a Korean-style bedroom is the low furniture. Since time immemorial, people in Korea have been accustomed to living close to the floor. For example, a low seat and a bed placed on the floor, without a high couch. Well, you can use a low bedside table to make it look more charming.


One of the hallmarks of Korean bedroom design is the bookcase, which is useful for displaying various decorations and photo frames. However, make sure you choose a bookshelf with a minimalist and simple model.

What Are Trendy Christmas Colors for 2021?

What color will Christmas be this year? Are we going to get rid of the classic red-green-white trio? We bring you the special colors of this Christmas 2021 celebration.

Crimson red for warm Christmas 2021

Red marks the Christmas holidays, and it’s Santa’s fault for having it so close. But this year, Christmas red is a subtle carmine red, sometimes paired with burgundy or terracotta. Deep and intense organic red … In short, the 2021 Christmas Red is very fleshy. It will enhance your plant decorations, decorative wreaths or fir branches.

Natural colors for Christmas 2021

Combined with the beautiful carmine pink, this year the Christmas tree and the festive table draw your favorite colors in a very natural palette. Of course there is the sought-after fir green, but there is also the olive green, the khaki green which oscillates between green and gray, with a palette of warm brown, intense ocher or even bright and cozy beige. Orange tones can also be a memorable feast for seasonal clementines and other citrus fruits. Raw materials (wood, brass, detergent, etc.) and soft (wool, artificial fur, etc.)

Christmas Champagne Flowers 2021

This year, champagne is not flowing on the menu … One of the essential colors of Christmas 2021 is the beautiful beige which goes well with champagne. Bright beige decorated with a soft but subtle touch! Add gold here and there and light a few candles to add depth to the champagne Christmas decoration.

Off-white for Christmas 2021

If you don’t know if it’s going to snow for Christmas, why not choose a nice Christmas decoration? Timeless white is a popular home decor color this year around Christmas. It will stand out beautifully in the green forest of your Christmas tree. Choose the overall look for a very minimalist look. But be careful in the middle of the white. Do not hesitate to use the kit. Then, it will bring dynamism and warmth. Connect gold or silver to a more refined version. To have a better heart, we will give free Christmas gifts with trees or glass.

Polar Blue 2021 for a Merry Christmas

Arctic hats for three years! Reminiscent of the country of Santa Claus with a frosty landscape and delicate snowflakes. Combine white, gray, gold, silver or Christmas tree decorations for a little warmth and play Scandinavian decor cards.

We can also take a look at the more stressful Christmas 2021 decorations: turquoise blue is considered the kitsch card associated with navy blue or other colors resembling pink that will harmonize with gold.