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5 Modern Minimalist Hook House Exterior Design Inspirations

A hook house is a house whose position is at the very end of the road. Because its position is not squeezed between houses and has one open side and one side adjacent to the neighboring house, the hook house will seem wider than a standard house.

If you are planning to build a hook house, we have some modern minimalist style exterior design inspiration that you can imitate. So, make sure you listen to the inspiration below so that your new home design is more attractive and charming!

Examples of Modern Minimalist Hook House Models that are Easy to Imitate

Minimalist Hook House Design with Zen Garden

This hook house design looks very charming because it adopts a modern minimalist Japanese residential design. With the facade of the house that utilizes a number of materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and glass, the design of this also enhanced by a zen garden with wooden fences and black stones, as well as a number of ornamental trees, white gravel, natural stones, and grass.

Minimalist Design with Bricks

Because the hook house has a very strategic position, it never hurts to design the new house in a style that is not too mainstream. One of them, you can apply the design which dominated by brick material like the inspiration in the picture above which seems very sturdy, but still minimalist.

To perfect the whole hook house, of course, the selection of furniture for the interior needs to be done carefully. If you want to make the living room at Hook’s house look more classy, ​​you can use a sofa with leather material, such as the sofa product above which looks luxurious and has a contemporary minimalist design. More than that, this product is also a sofa bed, aka a sofa that used as a kind of mattress to lie down.

Luxurious Minimalist with Natural Stone

Next is the design of the hook house that carries two concepts at once, namely the main building in a minimalist style and the front that uses a natural stone wall fence so that it looks luxurious. You can adopt the design of this one by adding lighting with the appropriate color so that your new home looks much more aesthetically pleasing.

Tropical Modern Minimalist

There is also a modern tropical minimalist style hook house design that equipped with many openings. It can maximize the distribution of light and air into the house and is certainly effective in making the house seem space-saving. Interestingly, this features several different types of materials. For example, wood, concrete, and natural stone, and equipped with many ornamental plants so that it gives a very comfortable tropical impression.

To perfect the tropical modern minimalist home design, you can use furniture that has a touch of nature. For example, in the dining room, you can use a minimalist and aesthetic dining table. The material itself made of particle board and MDF with wood motifs and natural brown colors. Uniquely, this dining table set has a top table with an adjustable length so that it can accommodate more people and of course keeps the room space-saving.

Hook House Design with Concrete Roster Fence

The next inspiration is the design of a hook house with a variety of concrete roster that is not only aesthetic, but can also maximize air distribution. However, the concept still prioritizes the privacy of its residents.

You can develop this one hook house design by choosing various shapes and patterns of concrete roster that are currently widely available on the market. Don’t forget to combine it with natural elements such as ornamental plants and wood materials so that the house looks more homey and warm.


Those are some references to hook house designs that are not only charming, but also have anti-mainstream models so that your new home will stand out.

How to Build A House from The Very Beginning

In fact, there are many houses that have beautifully design. However, many people still choose to design a house from the very beginning because the designer doesn’t have to meet their needs. Building a house from the very beginning is very easy. Especially if you have no experience. But build a house from the very beginning can be interesting and difficult because the result is more satisfying than a house designed by a developer.

Well, we’ll give you 8 ways to design a house from the very beginning to give you tips on what to plan for and what steps to take if you want to design a house from the very beginning. If you follow the right steps, it will be easier for you to realize the house of your dreams and avoid many confusing and time-consuming problems.

Find a location

There are many things to consider when choosing a home. Proximity to employment or supportive housing such as businesses, schools, and malls is a distraction for working-age families. However, for residents over 50, the calm and beauty of the place can be a major issue for the house. Land use and value-added investments need to be considered. So, when choosing a place, take into account the needs of your family and everything that contributes to the future development of the place.


If you plan to build a house from the very beginning, you must have at least 10% of the total amount you will spend. This is to anticipate the “expansion” of prices due to rising house prices over time. However, if you need more space and less money, you can build a house one step at a time with the home development idea.

Find information about building design and appliances

Once you find a place to design your home and its finances, you need to expand your home concept, but with the current home design, appliances, and construction process. With a broader perspective, you at least have more options and can develop creative ideas to meet your architectural needs.

Write short, medium and long term rules

When building a house from the very beginning, especially for young couples, a short term for a new house would be a bedroom with a supporting surface. As your family grows, your home grows. You might need a home office, or you might need a library or home library. That’s why you should think about “growing your house” and include your family improvement plan in your middle list. Just as you consider the added value of your land investment when choosing a location, you need to consider this when designing your home. In the long term, rents should be able to increase, so if you want to move out and sell your house, you can sell your house for a higher price. That is why it is important to choose a material that is effective over time and durable.

Find benchmark dream house designs

Indeed, there are many tips and tricks for the elegant and stylish design of the house. However, a dream home design is one that matches your family’s needs and wants. Each room, including the appearance of the house, should meet the needs and characteristics of each member of the family. A well-designed space in the image of the mansion and its works will create the house of your dreams.

Find an architect

Reliable architects who can help you achieve your dream home design can get it from expert recommendations or by seeking home design ideas from you. Now that search is easy because some of the top architects and interior designers in your country provide experts online.

Find a contractor

Contractors play an essential role in realizing the home of your dreams. So choose a contractor you can trust and rely on. Choose a successful entrepreneur. Conclude a detailed and clear contract on the decision of a project that does not meet the terms of the contract, information, time, cost and approval.

Learn how to manage building permit

Don’t forget to properly manage your building permit before you start creating. A construction problem can cause damage to the entire process and can lead to major breakdowns and losses. Make sure the control lines follow the rules. Don’t go back and count on help from a rogue brokers. Thus, building a house from the very beginning is no longer a headache. Plan everything you need, get ready, let the professionals work and get your dream home without major problems.