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12 Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Decoration Cool Tips You Can Try!

For K-drama lovers, of course you are no stranger to the aesthetic bedrooms owned by the Korean dramas. The rooms are beautiful and simple to look at, indeed managed to captivate audience hearts. So, if you want to get a Korean aesthetic bedroom If you want one consider the following tips.

For K-drama lovers, of course you are no stranger to the aesthetic bedrooms owned by the Korean dramas. The rooms are beautiful and simple to look at, indeed managed to captivate audience hearts. So, if you want to get a Korean aesthetic bedroom If you want one consider the following tips.

White Walls for Aesthetic Korean Bedroom

The first step to having an aesthetic Korean-style room is to paint the walls with plain white or soft light colors such as light beige. This will make the bedroom look cleaner and more spacious. Choose softer furniture and decoration colors to make it stand out more.

Day Curtains

Korean aesthetic bedroom needs simple effort to get. All you need is low bed, day curtain, white wall, some accessories, and simple patterned bedding.

The interior for a more aesthetic Korean room is to use day curtains. By using this type of curtain, you will get sunlight, which will illuminate the room naturally.

Soft Room Lighting

You can also add some lights in every corner of the room as lighting at night. However, choose lamps that emit soft light to create a comfortable atmosphere. You can buy the following lamps to give the room a more minimalist look.

Wooden Furniture for Fresher Rooms

In Korean-style room designs, generally use wooden furniture with light brown colors. Then, combine the wood furniture with white walls so that the room looks fresh and spacious.

You can use a shelf like the one below, which has a woven and rattan design so that it can give a unique impression. In addition, you can also store a lot of necessities in this shelf.

Put a Mirror to Make the Korean Bedroom More Aesthetic

Instead of nailing the mirror to the wall, let it rest against the wall! This not only makes the room look more instagrammable, but it can also reflect light and make the room more spacious.

You can choose a full body mirror for the most aesthetic look. Like the recommendation of a long mirror with an elegant design below, which can add to the aesthetic value of your room.

Korean Aesthetic Bedroom Is Not Complete Without Plants

Add plants to make the room feel more alive. In addition, plants can also add beauty and freshness to a room. You can use artificial plants, such as the one above, if you don’t want to bother caring for ornamental plants.

Simple Furniture for Elegant Room

Korean interior design has minimalist characteristics and is more concerned with function than form. Choose practical furniture with a simple design. Like this simple guest table, which can make the room look more aesthetic.

Soft Carpet for Korean Aesthetic Bedroom

Beside giving warm feeling in a cold bedroom, soft carpet could also become a statement to the bedroom. Korean aesthetic bedroom mostly include furry carpet like above to give soft and warm feeling to the room.

Add Unique Decoration

You can combine cute and unique small wall hangings. Look for decorations, such as art prints, stickers, photos, plants, or string lights to make them look elegant. However, avoid hanging too many decorations and still leave a little space on the wall to keep it aesthetic.

Well, one of the decorating recommendations that you can use is a wall clock, as below.

Bed Close to Window

If you look carefully, the location of the bed is usually close under the window. Well, you can position the bed near the window to make it more similar to the room in your favorite Korean drama.

Low Furniture

One of the main features of a Korean-style bedroom is the low furniture. Since time immemorial, people in Korea have been accustomed to living close to the floor. For example, a low seat and a bed placed on the floor, without a high couch. Well, you can use a low bedside table to make it look more charming.


One of the hallmarks of Korean bedroom design is the bookcase, which is useful for displaying various decorations and photo frames. However, make sure you choose a bookshelf with a minimalist and simple model.

6 Ways to Decorate Your Own Bedroom

Want to know how to decorate your own bedroom hassle-free? In fact, you just need to know a few principles and identify the concepts that can make it your favorite decorating theme. Learn how to decorate your own room this way it’s easy to create decorative themes.

In the meantime, we have listed 6 ways to decorate your own bedroom that you can easily use at home. Besides simplicity, decorating your own bedroom doesn’t take long and you can do it in your free time. This method is so great that it will be easier to decide which fancy product you want. Also, which will save you many times your investment.

Let’s take a look at the steps below!

Find your color scheme

How to decorate your own bedroom should start with choosing a color combination or color scheme. In addition to deciding on wall paint colors, you need to consider what colors are similar when combined with the primary wall paint colors in your room decor. The way to determine the color combination is to adjust the color of the furniture and make the color of the decor.

Headboard as bedroom spotlight

After deciding on the color palette, the next step in decorating your own bedroom is to figure out which part of the room will surprise you. Since the bed is the main base, you can make the bed area more beautiful. Decorative sets able applied to the headboard. There are many ways to apply it to your head to decorate, such as using wallpaper to paint the surface or hanging a blanket over your bed. The best way to decorate your bedroom with a headboard decoration is to present it in a nice way without adding other decorative elements.

A touch of decoration and pattern

If you want to show off a bolder bed decoration, adding ornaments and patterns can be a reasonable way to decorate your own bedroom. Ornaments and patterns often found on decorative items such as cushion covers, bedding choice and blankets. One of the best ways to decorate your own bedroom so that the bed isn’t perfect is to choose one from us and give it a sound. A cushion with an elongated structure can be a good choice.

Create layer(s)

Also for bed decoration, the next thing you can do to decorate your bedroom is to create layers. The layers are made of fabrics arranged in clusters and express a combination of colors and patterns. Layered patterns to decorate your room are ideal for those who want to combine different designs and patterns in one piece. When stacking patterns and colors, mix and match patterns from different segments and insert fabric with equal colors of equal proportions. If you decorate your own room like this, you can create a cohesive decor room that isn’t as cluttered and cluttered.

Mixture of textures

Behind colors, embellishments and layers, texture is the most important part of decorating your room. Like any combination of patterns and colors, a mix of textures can be another way to decorate your room. Mixing textures done depending on the type of material. As in chandelier blankets or shades made of woven baskets and knitted headboards featuring a rough organic texture. The bed covered with a linen material with a smooth and slippery texture.

Maximize the appearance of your walls

The wall is a bedroom space that can be used to decorate the room. How to decorate your bedroom with wall mounts that can be used to place pictures and frames, decorate cabinets and hang wall art. The most important thing when decorating your own room like this is the freedom to express yourself through wall decor. The walls can be part of your bedroom.

Of course, as you learn 6 ways to decorate your room, you can have a good idea with your room. Good luck!

A Perfect Day Begins In The Industrial Bedroom

Whenever I go out and see the interior design of various places, I always think I am thinking of them. “Yes, my house did that…” Everyone has their own dream bedroom design. So what do you think? Want to make your house look like a cafe like the Michael Buble house design? Wake up and open your eyes with our dreamy bedroom design. Who can start the day badly? Especially as Valentine’s Day approaches. Who is not happy after receiving a bouquet and a greeting card? The industrial style is a masculine style. Many people fall in love with industrial and want to put it in their home especially in the bedroom. It starts with the application of incomplete walls or floors. For more experimentation, you can choose one or both. The use of this technique and of wood and metal materials as accents added to the whole industry. Which furniture to choose according to the metal and wood content? Here are some bedroom furniture suggestions!


The most important and most important part of the bedroom furniture is the bed. For some rooms, the color combinations may be real. The soft white colored sheets and blankets can be a bit overwhelming and add to the ambiance of the room.


Just like our house and our closet, we keep our shoes inside, so the closet we keep inside. Wooden furniture never goes out of fashion and can be used in any stylish room, including the bedroom. You can make one of these shelves and use it as a storage space for your things. With its unique design and wide range of sizes, you have to keep products big and small. It can also add beauty to your bedroom.

Besides storing them in your closet, you can also use hangers to keep your clothes and other items clean. Renovating a wooden staircase is also a good option. In addition to hanging clothes, you can put newspapers or towels. The look of an old wooden staircase can give a bedroom a vintage feel.

Tables and Chairs

I like a spacious room. In addition to the bed, you can leave more space to create a place to read and relax. A place for a coffee table and chairs. Choose a table with a wooden top and metal legs. Wood products can create good economy, and stable steel feet go well with good working strength.

For those who live in small homes with limited space, a folding table can be an interesting and fun option. You can work, write and play on your laptop. It can also be used as a side dish if you want to have breakfast in bed with your partner!

Bedside Table

You feel comfortable in bed and feel lazy when you have to get up to get or need something. This is where we show the features of this stand. You can place small items such as photo frame, candles, lights, table lamp. So you don’t have to get out of the hot bed from your bed when you need to.


Professional style chandeliers are usually made of aluminum with a metal frame and reflected in copper tinted wires. These lights, of course, are available in a variety of shapes to suit your taste and budget.