9 Antique Chairs to Complete Your Vintage Interior

When it comes to antique, classic and vintage interior design, the type of furniture and chairs you use is one that should not underestimated. One of them is to choose the chairs model or chairs type. In a vintage concept, antique furniture can used as decoration and indispensable in a room. Antique chairs designs have become the most popular choice for the elegant, classic, and luxurious feel that is still popular today. Also, if you love vintage interiors, antique chairs will add to the vintage interior style of your dreams. The antique-style sofa itself is a starting point in the development of furniture technology that designed and became fashionable from the 17th to the 19th century. However, it considered to have its fair value, and even today many antique-fashioned chairs designs have been developed.

Not sure which antique sofa is best for you to complete the interior design of your dream home? Browse our 9 popular antique chairs designs and find the one that best suits your home decor!

Chaise Lounge Chairs

This antique lounge chairs is an antique lounge chairs widely used in France and dating from the 18th century. This antique chairs is a Regency style reclining chairs with a backrest on one side. At first glance, this chairs looks like a minimalist chairs, doesn’t it? Large, this antique sofa can give a beautiful and elegant look to the interior of the room, especially in the classic house design. The style of this chairs is also designed in a modern style.

Bergère Chairs

The Bergère chairs is a type of antique chairs and is a popular chairs that often used to bring out a househantique heirloom. This antique chairs is a chairs with backrests and armrests. Usually these antique chairs have a unique and very large carving. The design of the antique Beguer chairs designed in France around 1725 has a unique Rococo design style.

Corner Antique Chairs for Vintage Interior

Do you feel like every corner of your room is empty? You may want an antique sofa designed to fit in any corner of your room. Antique chairs with armrests often accent wood materials and carvings. Among the design options, this antique chairs option is padded to make your chairs more comfortable. This antique chairs has been around since the 18th century and is ideal for giving your home an interior that creates a multicultural vibe. This antique sofa is perfect not only for the corner of the room, but also as a patio chairs to relax in front of the house during the holidays.

Fauteuil Chairs

At first glance, this type of antique Fauteui chairs looks like an antique pre-assembled Bergere chairs. The difference between the two types of antique chairs is that the armrests of the Fauteui chairs are elongated. This Antique Fauteui chairs with its unique carvings also made in France and around France in the 16th century precisely, one hundred years before the antique Bergère chairs. The exterior of this antique sofa is perfect for decorating the interior of your home.

Gondola Chairs

Compared with the antique-fashioned design, the new generation sofa has a simpler look without adding a lot of shapes and carvings. With a high chairs and a curved front backrest without armrests, the vintage gondola chairs design is ideal for use as a stylish and elegant dining table. This chairs, with a neoclassical design, was popular in France and dates back to the 1760s.

Hitchcock Chairs

The Hitchcock Antique Chairs is a neoclassical style antique chairs that bears some resemblance to the vintage gondola reclining chairs of the past. This chairs model also has a high chairs with backrest. Some models have support arms and some do not. The antique Hitchcock chairs has stiffer features than the stenciled designs used for the reclining chairs, including the back, seat, and leg rest. Antique chairs, which began to designed in the early 18th century, include antique chairs designs that began to mass-produced around this time.

Morris Chairs

The following antique chairs model is an antique chairs created in 1860. Morris Chairs is an antique chairs with backrest and armrests. Most antique chairs also come with smaller chairs that have backs on their legs. At first glance you can already tell that this antique design chairs is an excellent choice for a relaxing living room such as a reading room or a family room.

Slipper Chairs

The recliner is an ancient recliner that flourished in the 18th century. The reason this antique chairs gets the word sleep is because it has a very low seat, usually only 15 inches. There are elements similar to the antique Bergere chairs or the antique antique chairs, which differs from the two antique chairs in that the antique chairs-bed has no armrests at all. Compared to two antique chairs, the sleeping chairs is larger. Antique chairs often chosen as furniture for luxurious living room interiors.

Windsor Chairs

The last antique chairs we will talk about is the antique Windsor model chairs. The antique wooden chairs designed from the beginning of the 17th century has a simpler design compared to the antique antique chairs. This vintage chairs assembled from smooth wood with legs, backs and support arms. This antique sofa chairs can choose to give the living room a vintage look without being too heavy.

The classic design of various models of antique chairs is timeless. Although many modern models and different types of modern chairs designs have emerged, the antique chairs have never lost their fans.

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