8 Rules of Living in Lagom and Scandinavian Interior

The Nordic country’s less-is-more philosophy has re-emerged to dominate interior ideas. This Swedish-style minimalism has become a popular trend, especially in the United States. What do you need to know about this Scandinavian home interior design trend, known as Lagom? Let’s find out.

What is Lagom?

Lagom comes from a Swedish word which literally means: “not too much and not too little; in other words, fitting or proper.”

This concept is about balance. It is a matter of philosophy and a balanced lifestyle. Lagom is of course designed to allow everyone to enjoy life in proportion and not too much. And while Lagom has come up with an idea for interior design, it’s all about striking a balance. The mismatch seems to stem from the same idea or source of thought which is minimalism. Thus, it expands the character and beauty of the place with the same principles as minimalism and a place without too much.

Lagom as Scandinavian house interior Lagom to get a good life

According to abc News, Niki Brantmark from Skane, Sweden has written a book about Lagom. ” Lagom Not Too Little, Not Too Much The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life.”

According to Brantmark, who moved from London to Sweden, he is surprised at the diversity of life pace. “Everyone in Sweden takes the time to do the right thing in the simplest way and everything is perfectly balanced.”

Brantmark really became an admirer and worshiper of social life in one of these Scandinavian countries. Indeed, as he says, his life relationships there, with every house he visits in Sweden, feel ever more beautiful.

“They spend a lot of time building nice houses,” he said. “They focused on creating an oasis at home. It’s a safe place for you and you can control it when you come home every day, “said Niki Brantmark, as told by abc News,” he said. “After leaving London from here I find that over time I have become happier, calmer and happier than ever.”

The 8 Rules of Lagom

According to Brantmark, here are the eight rules of Lagom, the latest Scandinavian home decor to follow.

Declutter everything unnecessary

Find the balance between “clear” and “clean” in your home, and a place that’s beautiful, inviting, and warm. In Sweden, the house looks very neat and uncluttered, everything looks practical, without anything superfluous.

Bring nature inside

According to Brantmark, a home must balance its environment. A house on the beach will have items such as seashells, pebbles, and sea paint, while a house in a wooded area will have pine cones and dark greenery.

Use neutral colors

The colors used in Swedish homes are very organic and soothing, ranging from grays and whites to earthy tones like light blue, light white, or dark blue and dark brown.


“Adding texture adds architectural interest,” says Brantmark. Combine different materials like rugs with natural materials like wood, linen, cotton, and or stone.


“Bringing home plants and flowers isn’t about beautiful flowers, it’s about bad flowers that you can pick from outside,” says Brantmark. These plants are abundant in Swedish homes, but caring for them is especially handy to avoid the hassle of regular upkeep. Pay particular attention to the lighting. Prepare your home to use as much light as possible.


Vintage items are another way to make your home cozy because they have a story and a story to tell. Rumah Lagom will continue to introduce new products to the next generation.

Keep it pristine

In the Lagom-inspired house, I couldn’t find the rugs because I found them too hard to clean. “Everyone wears their shoes when they arrive, no matter how small,” Brantmark said, “some houses have a basket of sandals or socks for everyone.”

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