78 California Dreaming – The Lido House in Newport Beach

To celebrate the California Dreaming, the Lido House in Newport Beach has hosted a great series of events to offer free eco-friendly living. The Lido House can host Eco-Fiesta, Newport Beach’s yearly large-scale outdoor cultural event. Smaller events are offered for free and will also feature food trucks, live music, and dance parties. Tiny House design will also be featured in all of these events.

Rustic Design Makes Use Of Natural Beauty

This is a very popular design for tiny houses. The rustic design takes advantage of the natural beauty and features rugged landscape materials such as redwood, brick, and slate. There are many owners of tiny houses that prefer the organic look of this style and would rather have their homes built out as opposed to living in them.

Building Walls With Reclaimed Bricks

One way to really make use of the natural beauty of this style is to build a wall with reclaimed brick that blends seamlessly into the architecture of the house. Along with that style, many people will also use the reclaimed wood trim that is already present on the walls of the home to add a natural feel. You can also choose to have a natural-looking patio built to get the same type of rustic look. You can also use the tiles that are already present in the walls to design a tile patio.

Lido House Ideas For Tiny Houses

For Tiny House Ideas, see a few of the designs from the Lido House in Newport Beach. These include: tiny dwelling, beach house, fort house, the life is much more relaxed in a cottage with friends, and the rooster shack. All of these can be bought online from many different locations and there are many different styles.

Lido House Size

For an added touch, you may want to look at buying a mini-house instead of a miniature home. These tend to be used for couples that do not have enough room to live in an actual house. These can range in size from only 30 square feet to larger than a full-sized house.

Another style of tiny house design is the ranch house. This style of design is more laid back and natural and can include colors that blend in with the colors found in the desert. The natural look of the southwestern style will also take advantage of natural wood finishes.

Ranch House Design

The ranch house design comes in many different sizes and shapes and uses many different materials to achieve its look. It can also include a pool area, spa, kitchen, and more. The largest ranch house available is a 65 square foot home.

For a complete list of tiny house ideas from the Lido House in Newport Beach, visit their website or check out their designer clothing. They can provide helpful information about building a house with smaller dimensions, interior design for the small space, how to use small spaces to your advantage, and how to decorate with a small amount of space. There are also some resources on crafts for people who love to make things out of wood.

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