Locally Sourced Wood Was Used In This House Interior To Create A Cozy Feeling

The primary characteristic of the modern house interior is its use of natural resources like wood. A main reason why so many modern house designs are based on natural materials is because it can be difficult to build a home that still meets current building codes. After all, you don’t want the end result to look like it was manufactured out of particle board and poured with cement. Thankfully, there are designers who know how to mix moldings, bring out the dark and warm colors in different pieces, and use bold, architectural elements in a natural environment. This is the foundation of any modern house design.

Start by using rich natural wood tones for your walls. Natural woods like pine and oak come in different variations that lend themselves to different accents. Layers of these two types of wood often result in a very warm, sophisticated atmosphere. Lighter woods such as mahogany and cherry are good choices for bedrooms, while darker woods are great for accent walls.

For interior, do not go for an authentic black finish. After all, when the room is more formal, it doesn’t really need to be as black as it is. Instead, the interior’s ceiling and other exterior features should be painted in a neutral color, or even a very bright one. It will make the interior appear cleaner and help you achieve the same illusion of space that you would get from painting your interior walls a lighter shade of black.

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A few accessories for the interior, such as the shower curtain, will also need to match the room’s color scheme. Thismeans that the interior’s window treatments must be white or light-colored, and that their hardware will match the shower curtain. While the interior curtains may be white, they do not have to be black, and this is something that you should take into consideration when doing your interior design.

If your interior has a bathtub, you will need to have the color of the bathtub window shades match the interior paint color. Of course, if you plan on a more modern interior design, you may want to include a washbasin that is the same color as the floor, or one that matches your interior vanities. You can add a splash of color to your interior without going over the top by using this color combination throughout the room.

Other room accessories that should have a striking contrast to the black ceiling should be used sparingly. Contrasting accessories include chrome fixtures, lighting and light fixtures, art, and pottery. Adding these pieces can lend a truly unique feel to the room.

Using natural resources and finding inspiration from the past can really help you create a true, traditional or modern house design. Also, by incorporating black into your space, you can help to create an ultra-comfortable environment that invites people to linger for hours on end.

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