Finding Great Backyard Patio Ideas

To meet the needs of relaxation, the function of the house expected to be a pleasant place to relax. Not only the area inside the house, the backyard also a very potential area to develop as a place to relax and gather. The advantage of the backyard is that even though it is outdoor, privacy is maintained because it is generally limited by a wall or fence. Take advantage of this potential to turn your backyard into a patio.

In contrast to a garden, a patio is an outdoor area for a dining room or family room-style seat, and usually covered with a pavement. If you’re interested in creating your dream patio in your backyard, here are some super pretty design inspiration. You can be creative by mixing and matching existing designs or adapting them to the main concept of your home.

Simple and Modern Backyard Patio

Do you like modern minimalist designs? If so, try imitating the design by Secret Gardens from Australia as inspiration for creating a backyard patio. Patio is in the corner of the garden with a contrasting color. Pavement floors with different levels make the patio area have a clear imaginary boundary. Monochrome color visuals showcase an elegant patio area.

Modern Deco with Motif Tiles Backyard Patio

Carrying a modern deco style, this garden patio looks stunning with the use of motif tiles or tiles. Harmony is created through the selection of chairs and benches that are slim in character, so that the patio does not look full. Moreover, the installation of shade trees is also important so that relaxing on the backyard patio is more comfortable.

Cool with Art Deco Style Backyard Patio

The characteristics of the art deco architectural style include firm lines, geometric shapes, curved sides, exposed concrete, and bold colors. It is clear in this example of a residential patio design in San Francisco.

Giving contrast through a park bench in fact does not interfere at all, but it is harmonious and even makes it look attractive. Uniquely, all the rigid impressions of the existing hardscape materials are successfully balanced through full and lush plants. The presence of dominant plants is very important, especially for the tropical climate in Indonesia so that the experience of relaxing on the backyard patio remains shady and comfortable.

Bringing Natural Elements

The use of wooden floors for the patio is the right choice so that the back garden still looks natural. In addition, the wood element also makes the atmosphere feel cooler even in the hot sun. Increase the comfort of a relaxing place in the garden of the house by planting trees with shady characters. Moreover, with a variety of trees and shrubs, it makes the patio look like a garden in the middle of a forest.

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Give Contrast

In general, this backyard garden by Mary Barensfeld Architectures is indeed very epic. It is clear that the back garden is deliberately designed to be used as a place to gather and relax. Of course, supported by the creation of a special space for the patio.

The patio area is contrasted with the dominance of white from the floor to the bench and table furniture. Giving contrasts like this is important so that the backyard patio looks not boring. The fun thing is, a place to hang out at home will become a favorite spot for taking photos together.

Cafe style

Do you like hanging out in cafes? How about creating the atmosphere of the cafe itself at home? Yes, there’s nothing wrong with designing a patio in the back garden with a cafe-style feel. This can be done by choosing the right bench and table design, adding decorative lights, and adding beautifying ornaments. If necessary, you can even renovate the facade of the house that faces the back garden so that the atmosphere is really like the cafe you want.

Stay Beautiful in Confined Areas

The back garden is sometimes the rest of the land that is not too wide. However, it is not an obstacle to making a beautiful and cool patio. The gray wicker chairs look very harmonious with the stone paving as the floor. Besides being filled with many plants, the beautiful feel is getting stronger because the fence uses wood with natural colors.

Patio by the Pool

Arista Cero’s patio located in Mexico City is also very interesting to be an inspiration if your backyard garden has a swimming pool. The patio area provides a place to rest after swimming or just relax with family members with direct views of the pool. Giving a roof can be a solution to avoid the heat that is too hot typical of a tropical climate.

Enjoying the outdoor air doesn’t always have to leave the house, right? Hanging out in the garden of the house will now be much fun with the presence of a patio. Feel free to add your favorite decorations for a satisfying result. Don’t forget to invite your close relatives to enjoy the afternoon air while enjoying a simple barbecue.

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