Modern Nightstand Ideas from the Master Bedroom Collection

The bed, wardrobe, dressing table, mirror, and chair have been placed in their respective positions in the bedroom. However, it seems that something is still missing, right? Maybe you need a nightstand to sweeten the look of your bedroom. Nightstand is a small piece of furniture that is usually next to the bed. Its function is to put things you need while sleeping or after waking up. For example, sleeping lamps, air humidifiers, glasses, books, and glasses. Nightstands can be in the form of drawers, shelves, or tables whose height is not much different from the surface of the mattress. We want to share four modern minimalist nightstand models that are definitely ready to make your room more beautiful.

Modern nightstand from Yankee Style

A bedroom with a Scandinavian concept is most suitable for using a jengki-style nightstand model. Its distinctive feature is the drawer legs that protrude. The drawer itself has a minimalist design. Meanwhile, this nightstand material uses wood. Place a night light, potted greenery, or even a terrarium to complete this unique nightstand look.

Timeless Modern Minimalist Nightstand

For those of you who are used to buying one piece of furniture to use for a long time, choose a cube-shaped nightstand. This nightstand model can never go wrong for any interior style. The wood material is also timeless. Whether used now or decades to come, this nightstand will still look cute in the corner of the room. What is important, make sure you choose quality wood materials, such as wood from the agarwood tree so that the nightstand remains durable.

At the top of the nightstand there is a large surface area so it is perfect for placing a night light and alarm clock. Meanwhile, at the bottom there are open shelves and versatile storage drawers.

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Floating Built-In Nightstand

In order to look harmonious with the bed, there’s nothing wrong with making a built-in nightstand, like the inspiration above. The nightstand is integrated with the headboard so that the impression is solid and authentic. The design is very modern and minimalist, only in the form of blocks with white accents.

This floating nightstand will make the room feel more spacious. The bottom can also be used to put room slippers or other small items. Meanwhile, the top surface can be used to place alarm clocks, aromatherapy candles, or displays.

The Texture on the Nightstand that Makes It Beautiful

Do you prefer a modern minimalist nightstand model that seems dynamic? If so, this textured white nightstand can be your inspiration! The surface of this nightstand has a texture with a hexagon pattern. Meanwhile, there is a touch of gold on the legs and drawer handles. Combine this nightstand with matching decorations, such as a gold-framed clock or mirror, and white ornamental plant pots.

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