72 Luxury Shower Ideas For House in the Woods by Kim Smith

One of the best Shower Ideas for The House in the Woods by Kim Smith is the window shower. A simple to build shower kit can transform any bathroom from basic to luxurious in no time, and I love these ideas for a basic as well as an expensive bathroom.

Wood windows, classical style fixtures, and cabinets made from stained glass are classic bathroom design and create a feel of luxury that is too often lost in the modern day. For that look, a complete renovation of the entire bathroom is a must. For my custom designed dream house in the woods, I had to do some remodeling, but the possibilities for luxury were endless.

And for a simple, clean look, install a shaver counter and place it at the end of the vanity sink. Turn your walk in closet into a gorgeous shower stall with a bathtub installed above the stall, an inverted mirror and vanity mirror in the corner, and the standard vanity sinks. Add a towel rack, a bathtub, and a bathtub surround. Add a tub to your Shower Ideas for The House in the Woods by Kim Smith.

Bathroom Shower Ideas

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Bathroom Shower Ideas for House in the Woods by Kim Smith adds a few pieces to finish off the room: A tub, an electric shower with a foot massager and two towel racks. The electric shower is made of PVC and light and easy to install. I love this electric shower because it has no electrical outlets, so there is no electricity in the house, and therefore no electricity bill. Add a great piece of Luxury Shower Ideas for House in the Woods by Kim Smith: French doors to either side of the tub.

Make sure you add two glass panels at the top of the vanity sink. Make sure you also place the bathroom mirror near the vanity mirror, so that the bathroom walls have direct access to the mirror. A mix of classic and minimalist can create a luxurious-looking room, if you use the right components. Adding a Vintage Bathroom Shower Ideas for House in the Woods by Kim Smith adds a touch of the antique home, with glass mirrors and wooden cabinets.

A pedestal sink is a must for your dream house. One of the Shower Ideas for House in the Woods by Kim Smith’s Shower Ideas for House in the Woods Add a soaking tub and a wide lavender tray in the corner, and a reading nook. Add tile backsplash to the main bathroom wall and install the traditional white ceramic tiles to complete the classic look.

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While a bathroom remodel or a total bathroom makeover might be daunting, the luxury shower ideas are not. The whole theme of the house in the woods is of country charm, and luxury showers are meant to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. It is not a necessity to install an attached bathtub in a more upscale bathroom. Some bathrooms are simply two small bathrooms, so if you are in a standard bathroom, you can easily add a high-end tub into your dream house in the woods.

Shower Ideas for House in the Woods by Kim Smith adds a sense of luxury to any bathroom, with pieces that will add a touch of class and style to any bathroom. This book is filled with such creative and beautiful ideas for your bathroom, and you will be so proud of your stunning home, without adding to the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to update your basic, but still fabulous, dream house in the woods.

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