72 Bathroom Decor Ideas With Wood Shower Cabinets

Wood is a versatile material for many different types of design and material, such as bathroom decor cabinetry, wood vanity cabinets, furniture, sinks, mirrors, towels, taps, and much more. Now you can have bathroom design ideas that are both stylish and functional. Wood finishes and natural color hues make this material the perfect choice for many bathrooms. You can also add depth to your new cabinetry or cabinet fronts by applying a contrasting color to them. Adding a rustic shower to your room is an extremely attractive and affordable way to create a very unique style in your bathroom.

What kind of rustic shower do you want? Do you want a cottage style shower with darker woods, or do you want to go with the modern look of contemporary cabinetry and fittings? Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of wood for your bathroom. These are usually painted to match the rest of the bathroom. You may want to consider removing the paint if you would like a more exposed effect in your bathroom, but it will enhance your bathroom decor by adding a rustic feel.

Rustic Showers are Perfect for Bathrooms with a Natural Look

Shower cabinets, a necessary design element of any bathroom, add beauty and style to your bathroom space. Cabinets provide a safe place to store items that are regularly used in the bathroom, such as towels, soaps, shampoos, aftershaves, etc. Choose a wood that suits your personality and your bathroom needs. Use your imagination and combine different materials to create a rustic shower or cabinets for your bathroom.

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Bathroom cabinetry should match the rest of your home’s cabinetry, so be sure to consider the layout of your bathroom decor when selecting your cabinetry. You can achieve this through using different styles, textures, and colors of wood, but remember to choose a wood that is suitable for your bathroom style. You can use any type of wood, from teak, cedar, and redwood to spruce, oak, cherry, mahogany, and ash, to name a few.

Metal pieces will compliment and enhance the wood cabinets and shower accents that you already have installed in your bathroom. If you want the most stylish and practical look, look into the selection of metal bathroom cabinets and hardware. Metal pieces can also be used to complement your modern and contemporary designs, especially the faux metal frames.

Modern Appliances Rustic Shower

When choosing a modern model, be sure to consider its contemporary design as well as its utility features, such as having an electric spray foam shower, stainless steel or chrome countertop, or a thermostat control.

In a more traditional wood design, your shower will work best when it has a wooden and metal base. Faucets, fixtures, and faucet handle will need to be replaced periodically to keep them in excellent condition. The flooring you choose will depend on your personal preferences, as well as what type of wood you choose.

You can add a unique twist to your traditional shower by adding a copper-plated metal touch. Your bathroom decor will be the best it can be by combining the contemporary design of a contemporary cabinetry design with the rustic style of a rustic shower. A shower that matches your walls, fixtures, and faucets will add a modern yet warm appearance to your bathroom space.

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