7 Spooky Bedroom Decor Ideas to Welcome Halloween

It’s easy to overlook your bedroom when decorating for Halloween. Trick-or-treaters arrive at your door, so your foyer and front porch get a lot of attention, and because living rooms and dining rooms are Halloween party hotspots, they also get a lot of decorative attention. However, your bedroom is your space—where it’s you spend the majority of your time. Sure, your Halloween bedroom décor may not impress or frighten your houseguests. But it can get you in the Halloween spirit, which is important. So, after you’ve hung your jack-o-lanterns, cobwebbed your entryway, and filled your house with far too many pumpkins, turn your attention to your bedroom. Light some eerie candles, hang some festive garlands, and save more Halloween spooky bedroom decor ideas than you can handle.

Display Jack-o-Lantern in Your Room

The majority of jack-o-lanterns live outside. However, yours does not have to. So, if you’ve created a work of art that you’re proud of, light it with a fake candle and keep it on a plate. Those precautions should keep your pumpkin from making a mess of your bedroom, allowing you to enjoy a charming and unexpected festive pop of décor.

Make a Garland for Your Bed

Drape a garland over your bed to adorn your walls. Choose a festive option with pumpkins, ghosts, or bats. Alternatively, a garland lined with orange and black woven balls will be more subtle.

Cover your mirrors with mesh

Stock up on mesh and drape it over your mirrors for an elevated take on classic cobweb décor. Because mesh is more streamlined than the stretchy faux spider webs commonly found in haunted houses, it will add some spooky style to your bedroom without making it too kitschy.

Place miniature pumpkins throughout the house

Fill your space with tiny pumpkins when in doubt. Line your shelves with pumpkins, place pumpkins on your desk, or hide pumpkins in unexpected places, such as a ledge in your closet or near your dining room. The festive gourds are inexpensive and simple to decorate with. Even if they’re the only decorations you buy for Halloween, they’ll make your room look festive.

Halloween Decorations in Gold and Black

Gold and black is a popular home decor theme, so why not continue it for Halloween? I adore the combination of this stunning black wreath and a chic gold skeleton.

White sheet draped over chair

How inventive is this Halloween concept? She placed a skeleton body on one of her accent chairs and draped a white sheet over it, revealing the “dead body” underneath! She even left the skeleton toes protruding. This one is very creative, and it is sure to frighten your guests right away!

Fleece blanket with a Halloween theme

Choose a Halloween themed fleece blanket to decorate your bedroom for the scariest night of the year. It will add to the threatening atmosphere in your room. This blanket, for example, featured black cat graphics, which are a symbol of bad luck and the Halloween festival. The black cat is frequently associated with witches, devils, and evil. Some people believe that black cats are Satan’s gifts to witches, while others believe that black cats are devils in disguise. Purchase this blanket to add a festive Halloween touch to your room.

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