7 Modern Louver Window Models Suitable for Any Interior Design

Using Louver windows in a modern home? Maybe this type of window looks old school and not up to date, but it’s actually not like that. There are so many Louver window designs that are multi-functional and can be applied beautifully to various interior designs.

Maximum Corner Design

Unlike ordinary glass windows, Louver windows are actually a multifunctional solution that is safe and suitable for the upper floors of the house. The inspiration for the Louver window in the large corner makes the air circulation in the house cooler, plus it’s less stiff. The more modern model also doesn’t hinder the overall appearance of the interior design.

Tropical sensation is more comfortable in the room

The Louver window model can be an option for a tropical-style resting room. Access from this easy window opening and closing system makes it easy for fresh air to enter whenever needed. Also choose the most ideal size for the best interior design and add it with a natural style for a more comfortable tropical impression.

New modernism window with Louver

The inspiration for the modern Louver window above displays the impression of an interior design that is not rigid, flexible, and also aesthetically pleasing. Supported by a black support, the window glass is left fully transparent for a clear appearance that is completely smooth. This modern one is also suitable for use in an office space or business area.

Solutions for each unit of the house

Do not take the importance of Louver windows in a “dirty” room, such as kitchen or bathroom. Stuffy conditions not only make the occupants of the house feel cramped, but also bad for health in the long term. The solution, apart from installing a ceiling exhaust fan, is to use a Louver window that is multifunctional, easy to open and close, and has an aesthetic style that is suitable for various interior designs. You can choose a semi-transparent style for private spaces such as bathrooms.

Large Louver window for exterior

The development of the Louver window design from time to time is proof that this window style is still being watched. Its applications are also increasingly varied, not only for homes, but for office buildings or public spaces. The inspiration above shows in a larger size, but still looks aesthetic.

Unique and classy with Louver Windows

If you want a unique and classy interior, try using Louver windows around the room. Wood or metal plate variations are also a great way to showcase a Louver window. Remember that clear glass and window film covering can do a lot together to enhance your interior design. For the model above, it is very suitable for Japanese style houses.

Passive Louver window

The casement style that is identical to the Louver window can be a stylish design inspiration. If you still want to use the full glass, but also want to present an authentic impression of Louver glass, you can combine the two by creating the illusion of a Louver window. Take a look at the passive style with horizontal wood lattice panels as a beautiful decorative style. This style is also suitable for those of you who want to carry Japanese interior design, considering that there are strong natural elements from wood materials, including for the exterior of the house.

Are you ready to beat every day the Louver window for your home? Don’t say no right away, because all the inspirations above are proof of beautiful and modern interior design. With design choices, be sure to choose the most durable and stable material.

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