Natural Wood Kitchen Design

Wood material is indeed very flexible to be used as any household product. In addition to family room furniture, you can also make it into an instagrammable kitchen cabinet. Interested? Here are some inspirations for natural kitchen wood designs that you can imitate!

Because the kitchen is the heart of the house, of course you have to decorate it well so that cooking activities become more comfortable. One way to make the kitchen look more comfortable and warm is to add wood accents to this room. You can get this wood accent by storing wooden kitchen cabinets in your kitchen area. Well, here are some instagramable and warm wooden kitchen cabinet designs that you can try in your home!

Natural Wood Kitchen Design Inspiration

Combination of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets and Tile Walls

Did you know that the combination of tiles and wood makes a room look more charming? You can apply this combination to the kitchen in your dream home. Natural wood colors will look beautiful with various motifs on the tiles attached to your kitchen wall.

Simple Tidy Wood Kitchen Set Design

You can apply this design if you want a minimalist kitchen. Neat kitchen cabinets with wood accents on the drawers make this room look more elegant. You can combine this wardrobe with white in the backsplash area or kitchen wall so that the room feels neater and more beautiful.

Warm Wood Dominance Design in the Kitchen

Making a kitchen that is dominated by wood accents can also make your room look warmer. You can store wooden cabinets, wooden tables, wooden floors, and wooden walls in your home. Also add some furniture from other materials in the kitchen so that the room doesn’t look too overwhelming. One way to reduce the feeling of excessive wood in other rooms is to use a different color of wood on each piece of furniture.

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Simple Kitchen Shelf

There are many variations of wooden kitchen shelf designs in a minimalist kitchen, as in this picture, there is a simple wooden shelf. This wall shelf contains kitchen spices, tableware, and others, if you can, don’t put too many things.

Simple White Shelf

The choice of this wooden kitchen shelf can be a hanging kitchen shelf, its size is small, but it can be used to put things in the kitchen. This multipurpose kitchen rack is actually a pallet wood kitchen rack that can beautify the kitchen, especially for those who don’t have a kitchen set.

Shelves that look like closet drawers

This wooden kitchen shelf is indeed designed differently, similar to a cupboard drawer, the unique thing is that it is not only the spices that are placed here. This minimalist wooden kitchen shelf is also a place to put books or displays, not just a wooden spice rack.

Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen

This minimalist kitchen looks more beautiful with the presence of a minimalist wooden kitchen shelf, only in the corner of the kitchen. All parts of the kitchen are designed minimalist, wall shelves aka wooden shelves like this can be a simple kitchen solution.

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