6 Prediction of Kitchen Decorating Trends in 2022

While COVID-19 was prevalent, the kitchen was the most frequented place in the house. Because homework encouraged, we often cook more than usual. There are many kitchen decorating that interior designers predict will be trends in 2022. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, you can do it according to the decorating ideas in the song. Here are some kitchen decorating tips for 2022 that will be very popular with homeowners, according to interior designers:

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2022 : Hint of Color

Color is making a comeback in the kitchen, according to Emily June Designs’ Emily Spanos. “Since the broadcast, many of us have spent more time in the kitchen than ever before and are passionate about making this place more personal,” said Spanos. He added that the house has become our refuge and our inspiration. It also allows people to have more fun with kitchen design for the coming year. “The bold, contrasting color palette allows us to weave charm and personality into the room. With a variety of finishes, such as matte and gloss finishes, which we look forward to using,” said Spanos.

Natural Light

David Thompson of the Design Association said: “A large window with shelves or additional lighting on the cabinets or the fireplace will be different in 2022.” “The idea is to welcome the good weather and let the sun shine on a variety of materials, wood, marble, glazed tiles and a wave of brushes, “he added.

Kitchen Decorating Trends 2022 :Pet-friendly kitchen

“During COVID-19, more people than just got the pet,” interior designer Carol Kurth said. The kitchen is always pre-installed and you can pay attention to areas you don’t pay attention to. For example, under the sink or under the sink.

Natural Materials

Daniel Bowler, Director of Eggersmann UK, said: “As we all spend more time indoors, natural materials such as wood have become very popular, creating a new passion for the forest in outdoors. ” It combines perfectly with other materials such as metal and stone to create a light, bright, airy space and gives you everything you need to color and characterize through a clean white fabric.”

Storage space

Andy Briggs, Interior Designer at Optiplan Kitchens, said: “Preservation has always been important and has grown in importance as the kitchen takes on many household responsibilities. Upgrade to a wicker basket which adds a nice touch and works well. The cheapest way to organize all your groceries in your kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Green shades

Since many color palettes have chosen green as the color of the year for 2022, George Forsyth, CEO of Drew Forsyth & Co Green, sees it as a highlight in the kitchen for the coming year. “It’s a shade that embodies regeneration, rejuvenation and energy, so it’s no surprise that owners aren’t using it now,” he said.

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