6 Comfortable Balcony Ideas that are Cozy and Fun to Relax

Comfortable balcony design inspiration to imitate

Is it important to have a comfortable balcony? The answer is of course important because this area can be a fun place for you to spend quality time with your partner, family, friends, or yourself (me time). It’s just that, in order to be comfortable, of course the design must also support it, right?

It’s simple to make a comfortable one, create an open space that remains shady. Don’t put excessive furniture that makes your comfortable balcony not space-saving and even looks cramped.

No need to be confused about how to create a cozy one for relaxing. Just imitate one of the six comfortable balcony inspirations that we have collected below!

No need to overdo it, just a sofa and one dominant color

Making a comfortable home balcony design actually doesn’t need to be adventurous. In fact, if it’s excessive, yours can look “full” and less attractive. Try placing a pair of comfortable one-seater sofas plus the application of one dominant color to form a beautiful and minimalist design. The result is definitely more space-saving and elegant!

Shady Balcony Makes Work Feels Fun

Looking for a comfortable balcony for work? It’s easy, really! You only need to place a pair of metal chairs that are comfortable to sit on. Then, present some ornamental plants. However, don’t just place these plants in one area, but spread them to several corners so that your balcony is more shady. So, you can feel more refreshed when you work and your enthusiasm doesn’t run out quickly!

Minimalist Home Balcony that is Fun for Hanging Out

Try it, presenting only a pair of benches equipped with a coffee table in the balcony area of ​​your residence. The result is sure to instantly become a comfy place that is fun for hanging out, whether to just chat or be a place to work. To make it feel warmer, you can install a wooden fence, especially for those of you who carry a natural and beautiful residential style, such as Japandi (Japanese-Scandinavian) or tropical.

Aesthetics with a Natural Style

Do you really like the concept of a Natural-themed room? You can also present it on the balcony of your minimalist home! The nuances of Japan will appear more easily when you make a natural-style one.

Let the wall paint be cleaned with white, then just add a seat from natural materials such as rattan or wood to give a natural impression. To make it even more beautiful, place a pot containing green ornamental plants in one corner.

Choosing a chair with a natural concept is also not a mediocre one. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a chair with a unique design that makes the balcony look even more beautiful. For example, a rattan chair model with a low wooden frame that can make you feel more at home on the balcony. Not only unique, this natural Scandinavian-style chair is also comfortable to sit on thanks to the seat which tends to be wider than chairs in general.

Balcony for People Gather

Do you want the balcony of your home to be a gathering place for people, but the area is quite limited? You can work around this by presenting a letter L sofa that can accommodate more people.

This letter L sofa should indeed be ordered custom so that it is more suitable and fits a lot. However, if you don’t want to be complicated, you can also buy a ready-made L sofa by adjusting its size. In applying this design you need to be more careful. The reason is, an improper arrangement can make the area so cramped.

Swing to makes you feel more comfortable

Decorate your home balcony by placing a swing bench. This furniture not only makes it more beautiful, but it can also make you more comfortable relaxing in a cozy hanging chair.


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