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The Grunge Room is often the place for all of our ideas on the best way to decorate a punk bedroom. The grumpy, unkempt and disheveled look of these rooms can really drive the punk in us crazy with jealousy and envy. But you can give yourself a bit of peace of mind by decorating your room in a fashion that is both grungy and funky.

There are many ways in which to decorate your room in such a manner as to be both hip and grungy at the same time. You may want to decorate your room with posters of bands such as the Sex Pistols, Black Flag or any other hardcore punk band that comes to mind. These posters would be a great decoration for your room as they would give off the image of grunge. However, there are also many different types of posters that have a retro and punk look to them, which would be just as appropriate for your grunge room.

Simple Grunge Room Ideas

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Some people may find that there are no options available in the way of decorating their grunge room with furniture. This can be somewhat of a problem but there are still plenty of possibilities that you can try. You will want to ensure that you keep your eyes open when going shopping as this will give you some great ideas that you never thought of. Most furniture stores will have a section specifically dedicated to garage sales may be where you are able to find the perfect piece of furniture for your grungy room.

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Other things that you can do in your grunge room is to make use of some of the accessories that you have lying around the house. Items such as old pillows, posters and even books on the wall can give you an awesome look that would be very appealing to the punk in you. This can all be brought to life in the form of some of the other pieces of artwork that you have in your room. You can also consider painting some of the walls in bold colors to give the room a really unique appearance. You can also use some of the more obscure items such as old posters, clocks, old magazines or books.

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