5 Simple Fall Home Decor Kitchen Ideas

I enjoy spending time in my kitchen cooking and baking during the fall season. It’s a hobby of mine. When it comes to decorating for the fall season, I believe the kitchen is frequently overlooked. And, while I prefer simple, natural decorations, I enjoy adding fall touches of home decor to my kitchen.

5 Easy Fall Kitchen Decoration Ideas

When it comes to fall home decorating, I’ve always believed that we should let nature lead the way. She does an amazing job, and I love using the natural elements to provides as a starting point. Fresh or faux leaves, flowers, fall fruit (especially apples and pears! ), pumpkins (small or large! ), and, of course, tree branch clippings are some of my favorite things to use as I begin to decorate my kitchen. I’ve included a few of my favorite fall kitchen decorating ideas above.

I enjoy arranging them in vases throughout the house, varying their size and fullness, but I especially enjoy putting one in our kitchen. They always last a few weeks before being collected in a trash bag once the leaves begin to fall off the stem.

Include copper accessories in your kitchen

My copper jam pan has sparked an obsession with copper. I leave it out all year, but it’s especially lovely during the fall season. Copper adds a warm touch to any kitchen and is almost always a statement piece.

Include new fall kitchen towels and linens

Fall is also a great time to update your kitchen towels and linens to match the season. I love adding texture to my kitchen, and tea towels are a great way to make it feel more fall-like. I also enjoy displaying my fall aprons on our apron wall, and I enjoy rotating all of my favorite items to keep the house feeling new!

Design a fall centerpiece

I enjoy making a fall centerpiece, whether it’s for your kitchen island or just a spot on your kitchen countertops. In our kitchen, I keep everything in place with a cake stand. It houses my favorite pumpkin decoration, a large scale, and a vase filled with tree branch clippings. It makes such a lovely focal point in our kitchen. Do you lack a cake stand? You could also use a basket!

Decorate with Fall Garlands

Garlands don’t have to be limited to railings and fireplaces; this one looks stunning hung above the kitchen window! It adds color to this bright white kitchen in a subtle way and is a simple decor idea to execute. Finish the look by placing pumpkins around the garland. A few genuine ones should suffice!

Elegant Floral Fall Centerpiece

Make a statement with a stunning fall floral centerpiece. This look complements the wreaths and draws the eye to the center of this stunning kitchen. It’s also surrounded by miniature pumpkins, which adds to the autumn theme. If the thought of making your own fall floral arrangement makes you nervous, there are plenty of ready-made options to get the look without any DIY skills.

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