5 Ideas for 80s Home Aesthetic Items

If you’ve ever found yourself enviously looking at the set designs from reruns of old sitcoms like “Saved by the Bell” or “The Golden Girls,” you’ll love the ’80s decor redux. What distinguishes 80s home aesthetic? The playful coexistence of opposites—feminine curves next to sawtooth edges. More with pastels next to pop-art primary colors, and sophisticated art deco homage mixed with 1950s kitsch.

Formally, the 1980s look was an aesthetic movement fueled by design collectives like Ettore Sottsass’ Memphis Group as an antidote to postmodern blandness. So it stands to reason that our new take on 1980s design is a natural progression from the current decade’s obsession with midcentury modern.

“1980s decor is making a comeback, partly as a reaction to the long-running mid-century modern trend,” says Stacy Lewis of Eternity Modern. “More daring homeowners are choosing bolder designs over the subtler aesthetic of MCM.”

This is not to say that the two trends cannot coexist. Many items from the 1980s look modern against the backdrop of Danish teak and brass. There’s no need to replace everything in your home. However, these seven design ideas will blend right in and help you achieve this hot retro look quickly.

Curvy furniture

Curvy furniture was popular in the 80s. And it looks great again, especially in one of the decade’s most popular pastel colors.”Eighties furniture inspired by ’20s art deco,” says Autumn Stankovsky, an interior designer at FLOOR360. “Designers gave it their own spin, using high-polish pastel colors like mauve, pink, teal, and cream.”

Get the look: “A curved single couch in a white fabric is ideal for recreating this ’80s deco look in the living room.” Alternatively, lined plant’s pot used to complement the geometric shape motif. Then, to contrast sharply with the dark-toned wall, choose a beige or off white area rug,” suggests Stankovsky.

Sunken seating

In the 1980s, low seating was popular. “It was a nod to the sunken living rooms of the 1970s,” says James Stanley, founder and principal designer at design/build firm JamesStanleyNY. “Seeing a low piece of furniture in a room, even if it’s the only piece in the room, is seductive and chic.”

“Start with your local thrift shop or antique mart,” Stanley suggests. “See if you can refine a shape that you like.” Be open to the idea of changing out the legs to lower and customize a piece, he adds.

Beautiful lucite

In the 1980s, lucite was a popular type of furniture. The material is made of clear, thick plastic, which is a popular design element among homeowners. Furthermore, because of its transparency, lucite furniture often made a room appear larger.

Canopies that are cool

Bedrooms in the 80s were brimming with fascinating décor home aesthetic elements. Canopies, on the other hand, frequently used as chic accessories to enhance aesthetics and comfortability. They were available in a variety of styles and colors, ranging from sheer to patterned cloth.

Experiment with pastels

While you may believe that neon was the only color that dominated the decade, pastels also played an important role in home décor. This was especially true if color-blocking techniques used. A beautiful pastel on the wall could set the tone for the rest of the space.

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