Solutions for Vintage Aesthetic Room Decor

What is your favorite home design like? Is the design minimalist, Mediterranean, modern tropical, Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian, or vintage? If you like to add a vintage touch to every corner of your room to make it more aesthetic, you’ve come to the right article.

The Advantages of Aesthetic Vintage Style Decoration

Even if you include old or vintage items in your home, with a little touch you can make a vintage room seem aesthetic and unique. Here’s an easy way to show the advantages of vintage style at home.

  • Characteristics of vintage items

Vintage goods are synonymous with the impression of the past. In general, vintage items, especially vintage furniture divided into two groups. First, original furniture with models that were popular in the past, such as tables, chairs, and cabinets that were popular in the 50s to the 70s. Second, furniture with modern models that seem shabby. This furniture deliberately made by repainting and giving the paint peeling effect in some parts to create a vintage impression.

  • The advantages of vintage decoration

Choosing the right vintage decor items will make your home feel warm, elegant, and unique. Sometimes you don’t need to buy vintage items because you can get an inheritance from your grandparents’ house. Even if it’s decorate with second-hand items, your home won’t seem out of date. If you know the trick, even a modern vintage style can add a luxurious impression to your home.

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Aesthetic Vintage Decoration Through Old Furniture

If your grandfather’s rocking chair no longer used and there are some parts of the rattan that are broken, don’t throw them away. You can reuse it and place it at the end of the room as a relaxing spot while reading a book. Here are some reasons why vintage items can be extended.

  • Why can it be used?

You can reuse old furniture such as cabinets, tables, rocking chairs, or rattan chairs to fill the space in a vintage-style house. You can clean it and repaint it to add a vintage feel if needed.

  • How to mix and match

It is not difficult to combine vintage objects in a room. To make it look good and match, you can use vintage items as displays.

  • What to avoid

Old wood furniture is susceptible to termites. So, when hunting for vintage wood items, always check the strength of the wood. With a few taps of your finger, you can tell if you have termites in the wood or not. Avoid taking risks if you suspect the wood is hollow because termites spread quickly.

Recycle Vintage Items

Avoid rushing to throw away grandmother’s sewing machine that is broken and unused. This object can be a unique decoration in your home. Here’s how you can turn old items into multipurpose vintage items.

  • Repaint

Old furniture can shine again if you do a total cleaning starting from peeling off the old paint layer and coating it with new paint. To keep the natural vintage impression visible, you can use a rustic brown color.

  • Activating

You can be creative by juggling vintage items into different functions. For example, a pile of suitcases becomes a coffee table. The trick, you simply stack two medium-sized leather suitcases. To make the top flatter and safe for placing glasses and vases, you can add wood.

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