Cloakroom Floor Standing Vanity Unit Unveiled

Find design inspiration and unique and creative bahroom standing vanity models by utilizing obsolete items that no longer used.

Are you currently thirsty to explore every corner of the house and want a new touch in that corner? One part of the house that you can explore more deeply is the bathroom, considering that this space rarely gets a decorative touch. When decorating the interior of the bathroom, do not be afraid to experiment. If previously we thought that bathroom ornaments only focused on porcelain materials, now we will find many bathrooms that designed with unique and interesting concepts, ranging from oriental, nature, minimalist, Victorian, to shabby chic bathrooms.

One of the most significant elements in the bathroom is the vanity. Conventional vanity usually only has a tub of porcelain, a mirror in the shape of a square or oval, then equipped with several drawers above it. But this time, you will find design inspiration and creative vanity models that you can place in your bathroom. This vanity can be made even by utilizing obsolete items that are no longer used. Want to know more? Check the description below.

Make a standing vanity from an old cupboard or chest of drawers

To get an unconventional bathroom vanity, look for an old cupboard or chest of drawer from a garage sale or antique store, then with a little modification, turn it into a bathroom vanity. The trick is to put the cupboard in one corner of the bathroom, then make a hole in the middle to put a sink or hand wash basin. Adjust the hole made to the size of the tub to inserted. Then, on the back of the cabinet, make a small hole for the pipe line, then connect the pipe to the sink. The drawers that are still intact can be used to store towels, soap, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

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Standing vanity from unused kitchen cabinets

Want a more extreme vanity idea? You can use a kitchen cabinet that is modified into an attractive bathroom vanity. First, measure the kitchen cabinet and adjust it to the dimensions of the height, length, and width of the vanity that we want. Typically, the standard vanity height measurement is 31 to 35 inches, or about 75cm to 85cm. If there is excess, reduce it by trimming the sides in a circular cutting motion. If the cabinet has a back side, it’s a good idea to scrape it off with a hammer to use it as a pipe line.

Then, install the countertop and tub on the top surface. If the kitchen cabinet has drawers that interfere with the position of the tub, it should be removed and replaced with the loose side. The drawers are useful for storing bathroom equipment. Now that everything installed properly, clean and smooth and clean the surface of the cabinet, especially from the remnants of trimming. Now, the bathroom vanity from the kitchen cabinet is ready to use.

Metal old table

The bathroom vanity idea that is no less unique and a little quirky is the vanity from an old metal table. The method is almost the same as the method above, which is to make a hole in the table top as a place to put the sink and another hole in the back for the pipe line. If the tub installed correctly on the vanity along with the plumbing, you can improve the appearance of the vanity by repainting it, especially if the metal surface is rusty. But if you want a retro, classic, and old vanity impression, leave the vanity color as it is. Just polish in some parts that have rust to make it smoother.

Remnants of wood

Wood scraps, both those obtained from wood cutting and house demolition, arranged and used as bathroom vanities, of course with a touch of creativity. Start by measuring how far the vanity from the bathroom floor made, by adjusting the height of the users so that they will easy to use the vanity. In addition to the height dimension, the width dimension must also determined. After all the sizes have determined, start assembling the vanity of the wood. Use nails, tacks, pins, and wood glue to glue one wood to another.

No need to be too precise, even recommended to leave a size of two or three centimeters on each side to make it easier when the wood will arranged. Then, add a tub on its top surface. It recommended to choose a tub with a lightweight material, such as plastic, considering that the vanity of the remaining wood may not as strong as the vanity of other materials. Add a mirror on the side wall in front of the vanity to complete the vanity.

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