The Awful Secret of Bathroom Wall Shelf Ideas For Sprucing

How often do you find the bathroom suddenly feels messy? The bathroom as a place for us to clean and tidy up can actually become a messy place with toiletries, towels and so on that are stored untidy. Therefore, the choice of the right bathroom wall shelf is very important. With a variety of options available in terms of functions, prices and different designs, you have to adapt it to your needs.

First of all, look at the bathroom to determine your needs. Do you need a place for toiletries or a place for towels? To create a neat and stylish bathroom, bathroom storage and shelves are an important part. Choosing the right bathroom shelf can make the bathroom neater. Plus, a bathroom shelf with a beautiful design can also be a beautiful bathroom decor.

Here are 5 models of bathroom shelves that you can choose to make it more tidy and comfortable.

Wooden Bathroom Shelf

For those of you who like wood materials that seem warm and natural, you can install a wooden bathroom shelf. Then maybe you’re wondering, is it a good idea to stick wood in a bathroom that in fact is often in damp and wet conditions? In fact, wood last and stay strong even in damp conditions, as long as it’s properly coat and care. To protect the wood from moisture and water, you can coat the wooden shelves with a polyurethane polish. For those of you who want to save money and have used goods or furniture, you can be creative by making DIY bathroom shelves from used goods. By learning a little about how to make it, you can turn items that not used, into items that can beautify your bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom Wall Shelf

Minimalist interior design is indeed in vogue, this design prioritizes simple concepts, both in shape and color. Moreover, this also applies to the choice of bathroom decor, including bathroom shelves. For the choice of shelves, you can choose a hanging shelf model or what is commonly called a floating shelf. Choose neutral colors like black, white, gray or brown. Another minimalist bathroom shelf model that you can apply is to make a niche or hole in a niche-style bathroom wall. Guaranteed, you will feel a pleasant luxurious bathroom while in the room.

Glass Shelf

Glass material is one of the best materials to install in the bathroom because glass is waterproof and humid air. So do not be surprised, if many shelves in the bathroom are made of glass. Designs that are generally simple are also suitable for a variety of designs, including a minimalist style. By installing this bathroom glass shelf, you increase the space in the room. Because of its simple design, this shelf can provide a lot of space. Plus, this glass material is durable, because glass is a strong material that can accommodate many items. To clean it is quite easy, just wipe it with a cloth.

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Sink Bottom Rack

For those of you who choose to install a sink in the bathroom, this does not mean you are taking up space. One solution in the placement of shelves that can be done is to buy and install a shelf under the sink. On this shelf under the sink, you can store towels, beauty products and other essentials. Its placement under the sink can also make activities in the bathroom easier because it is easier to reach.

One of the things that becomes an obstacle in installing the shelf under this sink is the presence of a pipe that blocks it. For a sink design like that, you can choose a bottom shelf model specifically designed for such a pipe. This shelf model has a special hole for the pipe, so that the shelf can still be installed under the sink without being blocked by the pipe. With so many models of bathroom shelves available, you just need to determine the model that is suitable for the bathroom. This option can be adjusted based on the available space, bathroom interior design, durability of goods and of course your budget. One thing that is important, the shelf must be enough to store all your bathroom equipment and located easily accessible.

Stainless Bathroom Shelf

Stainless bathroom shelves can be an attractive choice because this material has a type that is easy to dry and clean. In addition, stainless steel can accommodate heavy items. Currently, stainless shelves have been sold in various places with designs, colors and patterns that can be adapted to the bathroom. Using shelves made of stainless will make the bathroom look more modern and artistic.

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