The Idiot’s Handbook to Kitchen Corner Nook Diy Banquette Seating

You are lucky and you become the owner of an apartment in a house known as p44t code. However, your apartment has features that can be a minus and a layout. We are talking about bay windows – small balusters that extend beyond the facade of the building. Also, the house have a non-standard shape. Inside the apartment, such a ledge provides a square meter of living space, which if you have the ingenuity and desire, it can be very profitable to support. Perhaps the design of a kitchen with a p44t bay window, which s corner nook banquette seating, is far from standard and not an easy task, but after dealing with it, you will see the original and exclusiveness of your apartment, as well as additional space for “maneuvering” in your kitchen.

Features of the layout of the kitchen with bay windows

One of the main problems of bay windows is their non-standard shape, which can take the form of rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, semicircles, and even odd irregular shapes. Depending on which apartment with bay windows you get, you will have to “dance” from the features of the layout. But, despite this, one of the main advantages of bay windows, in addition to the additional square meters, is a good level of lighting.

Even if the kitchen in the cavity is located in the north or west of the apartment, you will not experience a shortage of natural light. Spacious windows, as a rule, of good quality (thanks to the developers), will allow you not to use a lot of additional sources of artificial light. Also choose almost any kitchen design p 44t.

Kitchen Corner Nook Diy Banquette Seating : Dining room setting

Placing a dining area in the bay window area is the first idea that comes to mind when creating design projects for kitchens of various shapes and sizes. And this idea is functional, financial and decorative. After setting up the dining area here, you won’t have to initiate troublesome communications. While you’ll leave plenty of room for headsets, bar tables and even.


It is more practical to choose a table to slide and rotate it along the kitchen when receiving guests. The shape of the table/sofa matches the shape of the architectural protrusion at least approx. In addition, it is worth decorating the ceiling according to this shape – in this way you will visually zoning the space. It is better to insulate the windows in winter, also increase the insulation of the floor.

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Kitchen Corner Nook Diy Banquette Seating : Idea 1. Dining room with sofa

A small sofa in the kitchen can be placed along the window. This option is perfect for kitchens with trapezoidal bay windows. For example, in the project developed for the kitchen in the house of the P-44T series. Here the designer chose an L-shaped headset scheme, placed the sofa near the window. Repeated the shape of the balusters, covered the radiator with a decorative screen, hid the pipes in the false, and made the same column on the other side for symmetry. In addition, the trapezoidal bay window determines the shape.

If the window is triangular, then it is better to place a sofa or bench along one side of the bay window, and not across it. Designer Olesya Shlyakhtina did when developing a project for a kitchen interior with an area of ​​\u200b\u200b9.5 square. m in the classic English style in a house, again, from the P-44T series. Remember that the bench or sofa in the small kitchen must be able to store things under the chair. For a kitchen with a half-window, the following options for placing a sofa and dining area are relevant.

Idea 2. Traditional dining room by the window

The simplest layout option is a traditional dining group by the window with suites located in an L-shaped or parallel pattern.

In the kitchen with a trapezoidal overhang of 13 square meters. m, place a full-fledged dining area. However, you can also allocate space for a sofa. And here is an example of a practical kitchen with a trapezoidal alcove window with a dining area and storage cabinets under the threshold in a classic Italian style. In the case of triangular balusters, it is better to choose a round table to visually smooth the corners.

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