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The definition of a vent stove is a smoke-sucking device that usually used to get rid of odors, steam, and smoke arising from combustion residues through cooking activities. This tool will be very useful to improve the freshness and health of the air in the house.

It is undeniable that cooking activities in the kitchen definitely cause smoke. Especially if the cooking activity is carried out every day from morning to evening, especially for home-cooked food businesses. This will cause the kitchen to be dirty, smelly, musty, and polluted.

Kitchen smoke that constantly inhaled can cause infections in the respiratory tract which can later endanger the emergence of diseases in the lungs. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because this can overcome by using a kitchen vacuum or vent stove.

How Vent stove Work

A vent stove is highly recommend for those of you whose kitchen does not have ventilation and conditions like this often occur in urban housing complexes. For how it works itself, the vent stove has two systems, namely as follows:


Vent stove with this ventilation system has a way of working where the dirty air in the room will inhaled and then exhaled through the pipe. Dirty air that sucked in will then discharged through the exhaust pipe. As a result, the room is cleaner and free from dirty air.


The recycle process is like recycling the existing air to released into cleaner air. The system works by sucking in dirty air, steam, and food leftover oil and then processing it to produce clean air to flow back into the room.

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Vent stove Benefits

A vent stove will certainly be very useful, especially for those of you whose kitchen does not have sufficient air circulation or ventilation so that it cannot emit the smoke from the combustion. Here are some of the benefits of that you need to know, namely :

Minimizing Hot Air

The air in the kitchen will feel hotter the longer and more often used for cooking. This heat comes from the steam of the cooked food or the fire from the stove. Vent stove has the function of sucking smoke so that the temperature in the room can be lowered.

Keeping the Air Clean in the Kitchen

Dirty air generated from the rest of the combustion during cooking will inhaled by the chimney or vent stove with just the press of a button. The air in the kitchen will be cleaner and free from dirty air that is harmful if inhaled.

Healthier Kitchen

The presence of a vacuum cleaner with its ability to suck in dirty air and steam can create cleaner air and a healthier kitchen environment. You will also be more comfortable in being creative when cooking.

Given the importance of the vent stove, there is nothing wrong with using this tool to installed in the kitchen at home. Especially if you already know how the kitchen smoker works. You don’t need to be complicated and worry anymore that the air in the kitchen will be dirty and smelly

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