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Who says optimal lighting or lighting only needed to decorate the interior or exterior of the house. In fact, lighting also included in the elements of the display cabinet. Because the presence of this lighting cabinet is able to add to the attractiveness of the collections or displays in it. However, this additional lighting not only placed in the interior of the undercabinet in kitchens. There are times when lighting placed outside, with the main function still the same. Namely to highlight the attractiveness of the collectibles in the cabinet.

For lighting or lighting in display cabinets, usually spotlights are more popular. These types of lights have a more focused light intensity in one area, and not spread in various directions.

Not only display cabinets, kitchen cabinets also common cabinets equipped with additional lighting. Only, specifically for the kitchen cabinet, the lighting usually placed outside, which is right below it. The types of lights that commonly used to complement this cabinet are LED strip lights which are also a backlight in the kitchen.

However, not all types of lighting can mixed and matched with your cabinet. Only certain types of lamps are suitable. Find out the type of lighting and its designation in the cabinet as follows.

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Various types of cabinet lighting to complete the look and add to the attractiveness of collectibles/displays in display cabinets and kitchen cabinets.

LED spotlights for kitchens undercabinet lighting

LED spotlights are a fairly economical type of lighting and require minimal installation. This type of lamp is very appropriate to use as additional accessories in display cabinets / display cabinets, especially cabinets used to store collections or objects of high artistic value, such as Chinese ceramic plates, ceramic / crystal objects.

Spotlights do not use a wired network because this lighting works on battery power, making it more flexible and easy to install anywhere. Including in hard-to-reach areas such as under cabinets or desks in the work / study area. Spotlights not only used to complement the cabinet. These lights also able to installed on the stairs that connect the ground floor to the basement, which usually requires extra lighting. Also, these spotlights can be placed in areas under stairs that tend to be dark and narrow.

Important Tips :

Because the majority of lighting for cabinets is battery operated, you must periodically replace the batteries with new ones. Usually, the light will be a little dim and this indicates that the lamp needs to be replaced. The most commonly used type of battery is the “AA” battery. Make sure that the battery installed is really a new battery and not a used battery.

Clean your cabinet lighting occasionally with a tissue or cotton bud. Also use cleaning fluid or alcohol to clean the surface of the lamp from dust. Alcohol has the advantage of not leaving a thin film on the surface of the lighting.

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