10 Best Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas 1

10 Best Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

These kids bathroom ideas will help you balance playful and chic to create a space that you and your little one will enjoy.

Smart Storage

Storage is essential in a kids bathroom, which is why the lockers in this space by @huitlaguna are genius. It can accommodate all kinds of bathroom clutter – like toothbrush supplies, bath toys and soap – while adding to the overall style of the room.

And that locker is just the beginning! We also swoon over patterned floor tiles, adorable little stools, and cozy towel hangers. Everything has been perfectly catered for for kids, yet remains a lovely place that anyone will enjoy.

Photographer: @chadmellon

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Bold Wallpaper

Patterns or colors that may seem too out there for the rest of your home work beautifully in spaces for kids. This blue cowboy themed wallpaper in the bathroom by @clairekellyinteriors has a cool kitschy style that your kid might love. Matching the shelf with the dressing table limits the number of finishes in the room, letting the wallpaper be the star.

Rainbow Delight

The kid’s bathroom is the place to go big or go home. So if you have dreams of floor-to-ceiling rainbow wall tiles, like in this bathroom by @ladybugvintagepdx, then go for it! Other fixtures are limited to white and chrome; which keeps the room from turning psychedelic. Your kids will love the bright colors, and you will love that they all make the walls easy to clean.

Pull-Out Step Stool

There’s a lot to admire about this cute bathroom from @oakstorydesign. The built-in stair stool is our favorite. It’s a simple custom element (installed like a drawer) that provides the kids with a cool way to reach the sink. Patterned tiles and rustic wood walls are enough to accentuate a kids bathroom style without being cheesy or childish.

Classic Black and White

While a colorful kids bathroom will always be a winner, you can’t go wrong with classic black and white too. This sophisticated space by @newhomeoldsoul grows with your kids without renovating. Alphabet artwork, replaceable letter boards and bright green sconces add just the right touch to make this room kid-friendly. Another smart choice is a closed cabinet dressing table for hidden bathroom storage.

Photographer: @thealiciabruce

Cheery Monochromatic

An easy way to make a big impact in any room is to choose one dominant color. That’s the idea behind this cheery green bathroom by @lizziepincoffsinteriors. The green vine wallpaper coordinates with the bright green vanity for a fresh, fun vibe. Earthy black hardware and sophisticated light fixtures help ground the space and balance all colors.

Photographer: @michealhunter

DIY Face Lift with Paint

You don’t need a big budget to give your kids bathroom a dramatic makeover. Katee from @onkateelane transformed this bathroom with just a few gallons of paint! She covered the ugly brown tiles with black and gray floor paint to mimic modern rectangular tiles. The walls go from boring to bold by painting on some colorful geometric shapes. Who doesn’t want to brush their teeth in this fun place?

Maximum Jungle

This bathroom by @melissaherriott brings the jungle theme to the max! It proves that moody paint colors, gold accessories and a showstopper shower curtain are all you need to take a kid’s bathroom to the next level.

To create a similar look, start with a shower curtain that can really turn heads. Then draw paint color inspiration from the bathroom curtain design. In this case, the dark teal walls are tied to the dark teal in the forest foliage, making a colorful yet cohesive space.

Pop of Color

Sometimes all you need is one well-chosen pop of color to bring a kids bathroom to life. The green Kelly vanity in this space by @rebelhousedesign makes all the difference in a bathroom that’s mostly whites and grays. This is a great way to dip your toes into color if you usually stick to safe neutral colors.

Choose one element in the bathroom and take risks with color! This could be painting a dressing table, painting a wall or even something as simple as hanging a few colorful towels.

Photographer: @aimeemazzenga

Mix Modern and Vintage

Mixing styles in a room keeps the room from feeling too flat or one-tone. In this kids bathroom from @shopskout, modern elements like hexagon floor tiles and simple round mirrors are combined with vintage wall art and vintage baskets to hold toilet paper. The result is a beautiful and attractive bathroom full of character.

If you are attracted to different styles, don’t be afraid to mix them up. Limit color palettes to make them all work together.

Photographer: @ryangarvin

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