73 Retro Meets Bohemian in This Cheery, Sun-Filled Living Room

Here are one fun and funky new color combination that make a bold statement in your home. A bold red and yellow works great for a cheery, sun-filled living room. We love to sit and watch the sun’s glow through the windows, and a pink and yellow bedroom and other nautical decor are perfect for relaxing on the couch in your stylish living room.

When we made our bold and bright color combination we really wanted to go with a more soothing color scheme. But when we found an open air cafe in the heart of the Village there was no reason we couldn’t get our dream color scheme.

There is something about rustic bedroom and space that feels warm and inviting. Some of my favorite color schemes are the brown and green colors that really tie together all of our decor. The yellow with a twinkling turquoise or the bright orange and purple and vibrant greens are classic colors and have been used for years.

It is important to remember that what color works best in your space depends on the other colors you have in your space. In our room we wanted to include some colors from the past like the golden white light green color from the Victorian era or a bright red and golden pink color from the 1950’s. We thought these bright colors would work well together in our space and the soft golden light is stunning in a country cottage style room. It really makes for a relaxing environment and the bright color helps make up for the fact that the color is warm and comforting.

For the boho style bedroom we looked at the post-World War II vintage interior decor which was used in most of the homes of the 1940’s. The color scheme was bright and modern with a lot of earth tones and tones like blue and red. I love the simplicity of this color combination and it really helps make up for the richness of the color palette.

The contemporary boho bedroom had its own unique charm that you don’t find in some of the other colors. One thing I love about this style is the use of space as a design element and the Boho style offers a lot of that. We combined pink and yellow to create a warm country style with a unique decorative element that makes up for it.

This warm, golden shade of pink reminds me of the Horseshoe Curve of our favorite book by Daphne du Maurier. It also reminds me of the gorgeous Pink Flamingo bed and love seat from the E.L. Doctorow novel ‘Fast Food Nation’ which I loved a lot and liked the classical architecture style of this design.

You can find more color combinations in a Mid-Century Modern decor like this in our book Modern Landscaping Design. You can find more Colorful Bedroom Ideas like this at our web site.